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Tales of Tales pt.4

Jan 14, 2022

Still could not find that special Tales Series that just hit the spot even after reading the first, second, and third part of our list? Well worry not as we are not giving up on you! When we said that we are going to find that perfect Tales Series match for you, we really meant it.

Tales of Vesperia (2008)

The story of Tales of Vesperia begins with Aqua Blastia being stolen. This might not be a big deal for the nobles and other upper class people, however this proved to be the problem as the lower class could no longer get any access to the water. Realizing that this might lead to an even bigger issue, our main protagonist, Yuri Lowell decided to go on a quest to find it. However everything went downhill as he was caught and thrown to jail. During the time when he made his escape, he met Estelle who had a premonition that the world would end. Now, I’m not going to go any further as it might spoil things. Just remember, you will meet Repede, the bestest boy ever.

Tales of Hearts (2008)

So let’s just say that our story began because our main character, Kor Meteor, fucked up. Kinda. Tales of Hearts started when he found Kohaku and Hisui being attacked by monsters known as Xerom who prey on Spiria, the essence of heart and emotion. Unfortunately Kor was a little too late and the Xerom already infected Kohaku’s Spiria. As this is the case, Kor tried to save her by using his Soma a.k.a the special power to destroy Xerom. Unfortunately, everything went south when he accidentally shattered Kohaku’s Spiria which ended up scattering all over the world and pretty much turning her into an emotionless doll. Now, they both have to collect all the pieces while making sure that there will be no more Xerom that’d cause such a thing to anyone.

Tales of Graces (2009)

Namco seems to love to make a plot that revolves around a mysterious girl. In Tales of Graces, everything began when our main character Asbel Lhant and his two best friends found an amnesic girl whom they named Sophie. On the same day, their village was visited by the prince of their country who ended up befriending them and inviting them to his castle via the backdoor. Unfortunately things went downhill when they were attacked by monsters. They did manage to survive, but Sophie ended up sacrificing herself… or so they thought. Seven years later, fate brought them back together when their village was attacked by the other nation and they were saved by Sophie once again. Now, we’d like to tell you more, but trust me when we say that you’d want to unveil everything by yourself instead of being spoiled by us ;)

Like the previous articles, we will be ending this one with the same note on which Tales Series we think would be perfect for you. Tales of Vesperia has lots of strong points, but if you are a dog lover, don’t bother thinking as you will be able to find the bestest boy in the whole series here. If you are looking for something that focuses on emotion, do give Tales of Hearts a shot. However if you prefer something like politics and stuff, Tales of Grace might be the one for you.

This marks the end of our fourth article about the Tales Series. Have you found your special ones? No? Well you better click here cause we are not giving up on you!