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 DMM is a hugely popular site in Japan where you can purchase just about anything! From manga, to other popular goods that we all know and love, you'll be hooked with just one peek at their site. Usually, this website is difficult to shop in, if you are not a Japanese resident, but now we want to help you get access to this amazing shopping hub!

This is a 4-steps tutorial on how to create a Japanese Account.

  • 1

    To begin, be sure to check's registration page.

    From there, follow the instructions in the visual screenshot below to begin the registration process. tutorial__stories__image
  • 2

    By clicking the next box, it will allow you to open your email so that you can confirm, or you can just travel there, yourself without their redirect prompt.

  • 3

    Inside of the confirmation email, there will be a link for you to follow to activate the registration.

    However, sometimes this link is not clickable. If it is problematic, be sure to copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser. tutorial__stories__image
  • 4

    Click on the button, as showed below to continue the process.


Congratulations! You are now fully registered for your own personal account. We hope you have an amazing shopping experience!

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