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Tales of Tales pt.2

We’ll assume that you are here after you’ve read the first part of our Tales Series list. If not, we highly recommend you to check them out. However feel free to read this (or any other part) first as it will all be awesome anyway. Here we will focus on the Tales Series that were released from 2002 up until 2004. Although the time span is shorter than the previous article, you better not underestimate Tales Series and Namco as they really do deliver!

Tales of Destiny 2 (2002)

Tales of Destiny 2 took place 18 years after Tales of Destiny. Unlike Stahn who accidentally becomes a hero, his son Kyle Dunmais believes that it is his destiny to become one. While he explored ancient ruins near his place, he stumbled upon a mysterious girl called Reala who emerged from a huge Lens. It turns out she was looking for a hero. Kyle then decided that he must become the hero she required, thus the wheel of destiny started to turn. Along the line, they were thrown to an alternate timeline, 1000 years ago, where there is an ongoing war. From there, they not only have to stop the war, but they also have to fix the timeline before they can go back.

Tales of Symphonia (2003)

Tales of Symphonia took sets in the same universe with Tales of Phantasia, albeit the fact that it was several thousands of years before. The plot of the story revolves around the world of Sylvarant, who was dying due to the steady loss of Mana. In order to stop that our main character Lloyd Irving must assist the chosen one, Colette Brunel to regenerate the world. During their quest, they learn of a second world known as Tethe'alla. Unfortunately, replenishing mana from Sylvarant will reverse the mana flow, thus draining it from Tethe'alla. So what do you think they’d do? Well… that’s up for you to find out!

Tales of Rebirth (2004)

Tales of Rebirth explores more the non-human character. Here you will find humans (Huma) as well as half-beasts (Gajuma) co-exist in a somewhat peaceful manner. In the beginning, only Gajuma can use a power called Forces, however Huma now can also use it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that they could always control it. This happened to our main character, Veigue Lungberg who accidentally imprisoned his friend Claire in an ice pillar. Although he managed to free her, everything went downhill when King's Shield, who is controlled by Calegia's royal family, came and took Claire. Since the Calegia’s royal family are Gajima, this leads to a racial tension between the two. If you are looking for a game with social tenson, we can’t recommend Tales of Rebirth enough!

Now, before we end this part (and start the next one here), it is time for our personal recommendation! If you are a sucker for nostalgia, you should absolutely go for Tales of Destiny 2 as it sort of the continuation from Tales of Destiny. Plus our pretty boy Leon will also be there kinda. If you adore a good story, we could not recommend Tales of Symphonia enough. Trust us. However, if you are looking for awesome and unique character design, go for Tales of Rebirth as we personally think that they offer the best design of all.