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Tales of Tales pt.3

Jan 14, 2022

Props to you guys who came here after reading the first and second part of our list! For those of you who just arrived, we welcome you to our list of Tales Series as we personally think that this franchise needs more recognition than what they currently have. Now, we’ve previously talked about the installment released between 1995 to 2000 and 2002 up until 2004, so let's move on to the ones released in 2005 until 2007.

Tales of Legendia (2005)

Set in a world that is mostly covered in water, Tales of Legendia serves a whole new experience. The story revolves around our main character, Senel Coolidge who tries to protect his ‘sister’ Shirley from people who believe that she is the prophesied savior. His overprotectiveness towards Shirley and his cold nature came off as uncaring to others. However as the time goes by, more and more secrets of their world are revealed. By the end of the story, you will find out whether or not Shirley is really the savior everyone has been longing for.

Tales of the Abyss (2005)

Unlike the previous titles in the series, Tales of Abyss feature a new battle system known as "Flex Range Linear Motion Battle System '' (FR-LMBS) which is similar to Tales of Symphonia but with a greater maneuverability. The story began years ago, when our main character Luke von Fabre was still a child. Back then he was kidnapped and when returned he lost his entire memory. Unbeknown to everyone, the one who was returned was not really the Luke they’ve known. Fast forward a few years, problems arise as a certain group decides that they want to take over the world. Yes, we know that we are being extremely vague with this, but we just want you to play it by yourself to have the full blown experience!

Tales of Innocence (2007)

Tales of Innocence plays around the idea of reincarnation, something that Tales Series has never done before. The story will follow our main character Ruca Milda, the reincarnation of Asura, when he accidentally awakens his power while protecting another reborn called Illia. Unfortunately this led to them being captured and forced to be the front liners fighter along with Spada, a reincarnation of Durandal. During their adventure more of their past life will be revealed, including the dark ones.  The games actually came with two versions, Tales of Innocence and Tales of Innocence R. Although the overall story is still the same, Tales of Innocence R added 2 new characters, which added more content to the game.

You wonder which Tales Series you should play? Well that highly depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for something with familial loves, go Tales of Legendia. We’ll guarantee you that you’ll be overwhelmed by Senel and Shirley. If you are looking for a great character development, Tales of Abyss would be a great choice. If you are someone who’s into reincarnation and things, you should really go with Tales of Innocence.

So have you found it? That special Tales Series game that seems to be perfect for you? No? Well if that’s the case, you better click here for the next part!