About Us


How we started

Hi from Tokyo, super busy megacity and home of the 2020 Olympics! Also, your avenue for getting your hands on Japanese entertainment.

We run a store located in Kanda-sudacho 2-19, Tokyo since August 2013 specifically selling Japanese gift cards / prepaid cards. The store is run mainly by three staffs. There is Kaori who handles the daily customer supports, Eriko (me!) who runs daily store operation and Ken and David who help us in setting up the online store.

The idea came when a couple of my friends from USA asked me to buy Japanese iTunes prepaid cards from them. They are big fans of Japanese anime songs and games like グリモア (grimoire) and ラブライブ!(Love Live!) but they are only available in the iTunes Japan store. The only way to download them is to use a Japanese credit card which most people don't have, or, Japanese prepaid cards that we sell.

There are also tons of otaku wanting to get their hands on Japanese anime, manga, and J-Pop but only have credit cards that don't work on the Japanese stores. Let us help you!

What we do

We provide you with access to Japanese prepaid cards / gift cards.

Fast. Cheap.

Within 1 minute of your order you will receive an email with your code.

Currently we offer Japanese prepaid cards from iTunes Japan gift cards, Japanese Playstation Network cards, and the Japanese Nintendo eShop cards. We are always wanting to get you what you need, so if there is a certain card you want, please let us know!