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Disney Games With a Twist: A Game by Disney but Not Really Disney

Nov 19, 2020

Although Disney is a huge company with tons of well known shows as well as the sole owner of ‘the happiest place on earth’, they were not really known for their games. They might have released quite a lot of titles, mostly based on their box office movies, but none was really memorable. However, it was all changed 18 years ago. It was the year of 2002, when everything was a lot easier and a lot less problematic for all of us. Back then, they worked along with Square Enix in a project that nailed their name in the world of gaming by releasing the first well known Disney game with a twist.

That Disney game with a twist is known as Kingdom Hearts. The first Kingdom Hearts was released in the peak of PS2 glory. Their unique concept, gameplay as well as the existence of the beloved Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters catapult their name to the list of games you should play. Throughout the years Kingdom Hearts series were released across many platforms, from PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, mobile phone, Nintendo as well as XBoxOne. This proves that Kingdom Hearts was not only loved because it is a Disney game with a twist, but also because the series actually has tons of potential.


As the time goes by, a new kind of contender arises. This contender was known as a gacha game, where players can spend a certain amount of the in-game currency to get random characters, items, equipment, and such. Gacha type games were getting more popular from 2010 as many of the games are accessible from smartphones. As the trends are getting more and more popular, they also want to join the party.

Unlike other companies, they seemed to know and have the formula to catch the attention of many. Put the well-known characters they have and make them as part of their new Disney game with a twist. By utilizing the already beloved characters, many people will turn their head and will at least give a shot at it.

Twisted Wonderland was one of the cases. Although it was not as direct, Disney Twisted Wonderland characters are heavily based on their villains. Not only using the well-known characters, Disney put another twist in this already twisted Disney game with a twist by making all the characters a whole lot hotter than their classic counterparts. Check this article if you did not believe us!


Another one that was just recently released was Disney Star Smash. This newly released Disney game with a twist did not only use their beloved characters, but also used an already well-known gemplay of the classic brick breaker. This unexpected combination might sound weird at first, but this Disney game with a twist managed to make it work. If you are curious on how they could make such a thing work, you better check our quick intro to Disney Star Smash first. Unfortunately, please keep in mind that there won’t be any All Stars by Star Smash in the game!


Those are our recommendations for those Disney fans who wanted to try something new. Although there are still not many of them, these Disney games with a twist are all noteworthy and have their own unique charm. Just remember, if you ever need a little boost during your play, japancodesupply.com is here for you! ;)