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5 Seals You Need To Know Before Playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Aug 08, 2019

The latest series of a popular tactical role-playing game Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases so many new features and characters. It also reveals a new proficiency level, main abilities, and learnable skills at the Officer’s Academy of Garreg Mach Monastery. Before you play, here are 5 seals you need to know that you need for the certification exam. This will help you to quickly solve every mission.


As you may know, you need to have seals to take exam certification to pass through classes. Even if your characters meet the required level, without the ticket in hand, they can’t take the exam. Whereas if your characters fail the exam, you have to get another one for the next exam. There are regular or basic seals that you can get in the item shop or the marketplace in your day off, and there are also special one that you have to put extra effort to obtain it.

To upgrade each class, you’d need specific passes. In this game, there are six classes and five seals that you’ll meet:

Class Required Level Seals
Trainee Do not require a certification exam to access. You can access this at the start of the game. -
Beginner 5 Beginner 
Intermediate 10 Intermediate & Dark (only for Dark Mage)
Advance 20 Advance & Dark (only for Dark Bishop)
Master 30 Master
Exclusive This will be exclusive to certain characters only and will be obtained as the story goes. -


You will need to get a dark seal for Dark Mage and Bishop. You can get the basic one for the beginner, intermediate, and advance in the item shop, but for the dark one, you need to get it from Death Knight. Note that you can also loot the item from your enemies during the battle! The minimum number of times you will face the Death Knight is 3 times on one of the game's routes, although most routes will have you take him on more than that. You can either defeat or stealing the item from him. However, the Death Knight is very powerful that he can kill most of your characters in one strike or two. Sword of the Creator, Luna, and skills that do extra damage to units on horseback will be your best bet if you want to attempt it.

If you want to try stealing the dark seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you must either have one of your characters to be a Thief class or have another character equip the Steal ability. This character should hopefully have a good Speed stat - at least 20 should be a safe bet in the month 7 mission - because Steal only works when the user has a higher Speed than the target.

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