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Fire Emblem : Three Houses, More Features, and Characters Part 2

May 05, 2019

Fire Emblem : Three Houses is an upcoming tactical role-playing video game for the Nintendo Switch, developed by Intelligent System and Koei Tecmo. It is scheduled for a worldwide release on July 26, 2019. In our previous article, we have covered some characters, they are Sothis, Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude along with some feature of the game.

More features and characters have been updated on this game. Let’s go straight to the details:

Available Features at Officer’s Academy

Fire Emblem : Three Houses scene 01

A place of the academy where you can interact with students and develop their abilities. At the Officer’s Academy, you can train the students and raise their Proficiency Levels. You can also interact and deepen your bonds with the students of the house the protagonist is in charge of. While the details are currently unknown, deepening your bonds will have a beneficial effect in battle. Help your students grow to excellence through training and interaction.

Moving around in a 3D painted monastery and interacting with characters is an element that has not been available in the past series. Explore every corner of the hospital, get in touch with students, and learn together. The bond between teachers and students is the most important element.

Proficiency Level

Fire Emblem : Three Houses scene 02

In order to change to a different class and utilize various weapons and skills in battle, you must increase the Proficiency Level that corresponds to that class. By increasing the Proficiency Level, you can learn powerful skills, as well as wield high-performance weaponry. Each student has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Main Abilities

  • Swordsmanship – Proficiency for wielding a sword.
  • Spearmanship – Proficiency for wielding a spear.
  • Axemanship – Proficiency for wielding an axe.
  • Archery – Proficiency for wielding a bow.
  • Science – Proficiency for using black and dark magic.
  • Faith – Proficiency for using white magic.
  • Flying – Proficiency required for Flier classes.
  • Heavy Armor – Proficiency required for Armored classes.
  • Horsemanship – Proficiency required for Cavalry classes.

Main Learnable Skills

  • Swordsmanship Lv. 1 – Hit Rate +5, Avoid +7, and Critical Avoid +5 when using a sword.
  • Swordbreaker – Hit Rate and Avoid +20 when using a spear and defeat an enemy wielding a sword.
  • Axemanship Lv. 1 – Hit Rate +7, Avoid +5, and Critical Avoid +5 when using an axe.
  • Close Counter – Counterattack when attacked from a square away.
  • Science Lv. 1 – Hit Rate +7, Avoid +5, and Critical Avoid + 5 when using black or dark magic.
  • Faith Lv. 1 – Hit +5, Evade +7, and Hissatsu Evade +5 when using white magic.


Fire Emblem : Three Houses scene 03

Qualification Examination

As the student's level goes up, they can challenge qualification exams that allow them to change classes to other soldiers. To take the exam, you need to spend the exam pass according to your rank. The higher the skill level required for the type, the higher the probability of passing the test.

Fire Emblem : Three Houses scene 04

Fire Emblem : Three Houses scene 05

Fire Emblem : Three Houses scene 06


Fire Emblem : Three Houses scene 07

The high priestess of the Holy Church of Seiros. Holds a high opinion of the protagonist’s talent and potential, and thus invites them to teach at the Officer’s Academy. She is kind and gentle to others like a loving mother, but she also has a strict side where she will mercilessly pass down judgment on those who oppose the Church.

Check out a video of Byleth speaking with her below:



Fire Emblem : Three House Jeralt

The protagonist’s father. In the past, he was the leader of the Knights of Seiros, and is a veteran warrior who’s even known as the strongest knight of them all. After leaving the Knights, he began to lead a mercenary group and continued journeying. His wife has already passed away.

After the fateful encounter where several students were saved from bandits, he once again rejoins the Knights of Seiros at Garreg Mach Monastery.

Here’s a video of Jeralt talking to Byleth about keeping a clear head and free of distractions, lest he dies an early death:


Fire Emblem : Three Houses Hubert

Hubert is a member of the Black Eagles house. He has served Edelgard since childhood, as the son of the marquis of Bestla. He’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of anything that stands in her way. According to Edelgard, he may be cold but he’s a straight-thinking individual.

In the above video, we see a polite and proper introduction from Hubert, who introduces himself to the protagonist as Edelgard’s attendant. He heard that the protagonist saved Edelgard and expresses his gratitude.



Fire Emblem: Three House Dudou

Dudou is originally a commoner from the kingdom’s northwest region of Duskar, but at the Officer’s Academy he’s Dimitri’s attendant from the house the Blue Lions. He owes dimitri a debt of gratitude, and is determined to do anything it takes to protect him, even at the cost of his own life. Since he’s quiet and has a tough-looking face, he’s often misunderstood, but he’s actually a gentle and good-natured young man.

In the above video we see Dudou introducing himself to the protagonist while saying he has no words to express his gratitude, but vows to return the favour should anything ever come up and she needs help.


Fire Emblem : Three Houses Lorentz

Lorentz is a student at the Officer's Academy who is from the Leicester Alliance and is a member of the Golden Deer.

Here is the conversation between Lorentz and Protagonist.

These are what we know so far about this game. Stay tuned to their official Twitter account for more update regarding this game in the future. You could buy Fire Emblem : Three Houses through Nintendo eShop for 6,980 JPY (tax not included) and get the Japanese Nintendo Prepaid Cards in our website.