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Fire Emblem: Three Houses, More Features and Characters! Part 1

May 05, 2019

Fire Emblem new title will be released July 26, 2019.

All the Fire Emblem fans assemble! Just another wait for the Nintendo Switch game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, to be released. The tactical role-playing game has released some more information about the feature and introduction to some of the characters.


The same as other fire emblem series the game will be a turn-based, you will have to move the characters one by one. Don’t worry, the game will be beginners friendly as a result of the return of a time rewind system or known as Sky-Rending Pulse. What will be different is not only 1vs1 battle is available but also ‘many vs many’ with the assistance of the soldiers.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Feature
Diverse map tiles are also improving the tactical genre of the game. They will increase defense and dodge rates of the characters. Some can give healing, and some can even teleport when stepped upon.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Feature
There will be two difficulties in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Normal and Hard. The normal difficulty is recommended if you are a beginner of the Fire Emblem series. Other than the difficulties, there will be 2 mode choices, Casual Mode where the units who died will be revived on the next or new map, and the Classic Mode where the units who died will be lost permanently.

The Class changing will be different from what it used to be. You will not start from level 1 anymore and neither the weapon of choice. The classes will consist of Commoner, Noble, Myrmidon, Soldier, Fighter, and Monk.


Sothis (voice by Tomoyo Kurosawa)
Sothis is a mysterious being who appears in the protagonist’s dreams after saving them in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. With no memories of her past and wisdom beyond her appearance, she speaks as though she lives within their head, but no one else is aware of her existence.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters

Black Eagles
Edelgard (voice by Ai Kakuma)
The next-in-line who is basically promised the position of Empress when she succeeds the Empire. She’s a talented youth who exudes a detached, noble atmosphere.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters

Blue Lions
Dimitri (voice by Kaito Ishikawa)
Dimitri is house leader of the Blue Lions and next in line to the throne of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. He is a sincere young man who seems like the embodiment of chivalry, but a faint tinge of darkness lies beneath his cheerful demeanor.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters

Golden Deer
Claude (voice by Toshiyuki Toshinaga)
A person who looks good with a warm smile on his face. He seems to be quite easygoing but possesses a sharp intuition.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters

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