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Why You Should Get Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission?

Apr 04, 2019

Do you love Dragon Ball series? Everybody loves Goku with his funny actions. Now it’s your turn to control the plot by playing in a game version. You play with all the entire characters. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is coming to Nintendo Switch. The strategic card battle game is ready to challenge your strategic capability. While playing through the plot of Dragon Ball series, you can build your own customized deck by collecting as many cards as you can. Of course, you will face different enemies along the way. 

 Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

You should get Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission as a favorite option among gamers due to the following reasons:

Combination of Action and Strategy.

The game combines the thrilling action of Dragon Ball heroes and the strategy of a card game. Of course, this is an interesting game to play, as you can have fun while building your strategies.

Legendary Characters.

You can play with favorite characters and guide them to finish the battling mission using your strategy. Perhaps, you have been familiar with Dragon Ball series since your childhood, right? Yes, the series offers nostalgic plot that makes it a favorite among not only kids but also adults.

Interesting plots.

You will have a chance to play with more than 1000 cards. Of course, every level offers different challenges.

More than 350 Dragon Ball heroes are waiting to play with you.

Besides the legendary characters like Goku, you will play with new characters like Fu and Cunber. In addition, you can enjoy playing with different plots.

Join the epic plot of Dragon Ball series anytime you want. Finish the challenges and win the battlefield by using your own strategies. Do not let your favorite characters beaten by the enemies. Take them to the next level by applying your own battle strategies!

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