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What to Expects from Tales of Crestoria

May 10, 2020
For Tales series fans, the years of waiting have finally come to an end... kinda. Tales Crestoria that released its first trailer back in 2018 has finally released its final trailer. With the release, Namco also started the official pre-registration for Tales of Crestoria and open Beta test for some region. For those of you who are not sure what you’ll find, worry not as we will let you know what to expect from Tales of Crestoria!

So the first thing that you might notice when seeing the final released trailer is probably the familiar faces. For the fans of the Tales Series, this brings a nostalgic feeling. We are not sure about you, but the fact that there are familiar faces makes our expectations a bit higher. However, this might be a dual-edged sword as it can make the new series really good or turn into a total disaster if the fans’ favorite characters did not meet their expectations.


Many of you might be wondering, what is the role of the characters from the previous series in here. Well, based on the info that we have so far, some of them do have an important role in the plot. Unfortunately, there isn’t much info regarding which characters from the previous Tales Series will have a more important role.

Compared to the other Tales Series, Tales of Crestoria have a darker story. Set in a world where everyone has to wear “Vision Orb” that will allow others to judge those who’ve committed a crime. So unlike your usual ‘saving-the-world’ premise, Tales of Crestoria decided to go with a route that feels more relatable to the real world. At first, this kind of premise might not sound as dangerous or eerie as the world apocalypse, but the fact that this situation is likely to happen in real life sure puts it into a darker category.

Aside from the different take of the story, the battle system will also be different. Unlike their titles that were released on console, Tales of Crestoria will be having a Turn Base System with cool down in between artes. That’s right, you now don’t have to worry about MP any more! This battle system might not be the same with the usual Linear Motion Battle system that Tales Series tend to use, but it seems to be given as there are limitations of the platform.


All in all, Tales of Crestoria does look promising, especially after the latest trailer and open Beta was released. Although we were promised that the game will be released in 2019, I personally think June 2020 is not a bad time for Tales of Crestoria to be released. After all, we all need a little something to cheer us up during this difficult time, and Crestoria release might just be it. While waiting for it to be out, make sure to join their pre-registration and top up your iTunes balance at JapanCodeSupply.com. Why? Because usually there will be a huge promotion right after the release! ;9