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The New Characters in Persona 5 Royal

time May 17 , 2019 by Naoto T PC_blog 0

In our previous article for Persona 5 Royal, we have covered the new social events and new areas that Players will be able to enjoy this game. Now, let us delve into the known new Confidants/Characters that were shown on the latest trailer and the official site.

The reveal that everyone has been waiting for ever since the teaser video is the mysterious new girl who stood idly amongst the crowd in Shibuya. There has been speculation about whether she would be the alternate female Main Character similar to Persona 3 Portable, or a new Confidant for Joker. The new trailer finally answers the biggest elephant in the room.

Yoshizawa Kasumi (Voiced by Sora Amamiya)

Kasumi transferred to Shujin Academy in spring, around the same time as the Protagonist. She is an excellent rhythmic gymnast and has been doing gymnastics since middle school. The school held a high expectation for her due to her unique skill. According to the new trailer, it is revealed that Kasumi is a new addition to the Phantom Thieves. However, only her Phantom Thief outfit has been revealed, while her Persona and her Arcana is still unknown. Many speculate that she might be of Aeon arcana, the same as Marie, who is also the new girl in Persona 4 Golden.

Takuto Maruki (Voiced by Satoshi Hino)

Besides the mysterious new girl, there is one more new character added to this enhanced version of Persona 5. Takuto came to Shujin Academy as a part-time school counsellor in hopes of taking care of the students after a certain unfortunate incident regarding a certain Gym teacher in the school. How involved this new character towards the main story is currently unknown.

There is actually another “new” character that has caught the fans’ attention. Many fans have speculated that this could possibly be Morgana in his human form. Not only the design and color palette choice is similar to Morgana’s, but the way he speaks in the picture is very reminiscent of the magical cat, what with the use of “wagahai” to refer to himself, and the use of “-dono” honorific when referring to Ann Takamaki. These are Morgana’s manner of speaking that distinguishes him from the other characters.

However, there is no confirmation regarding this particular character, the name on the text box says “ikemen”, which mean handsome guy in English. This picture featuring the mysterious guy was not from the trailer, rather it can be found on the official site

Persona 5 Royal will be released for PS4 in Japan on October 31st, meanwhile, the western release is on 2020. Persona fans who live outside of Japan and just can no longer wait until next year for this game to come out can still buy it through a Japanese PSN account and use Japanese PSN Card.

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