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Start Dash! Ensemble Stars!! Half Anniversary Will Start Soon!

Sep 09, 2020

Have you ever seen your friends staring on their phone for ages and look smitten when they are clearly single? Well, there are some possibilities for that reason. The top two reasons are either they are looking at super extra adorable pictures of cats, or they are playing an idol-raising game with super lovable characters. Idol-raising games are basically games where you raised your idol status, mostly from trainee to idol. If you are interested yet not sure what to start, we highly recommend you to try Ensemble Stars!!. After all, this is the right moment to start since Ensemble Stars!! half anniversary will be starting on September 11th, 2020!

So what is Ensemble Stars!! and why should you try it? Well Ensemble Stars!! Is divided into two games. Ensemble Stars!! Basic where you focus more on raising the characters, and Ensemble Stars!! Music where you focus more on the rhythm aspects of it. Just like many idol-raising and rhythm games, Ensemble Stars!! feature gacha system. This might sound a bit unsavory for some, but the game has a lot of characters with tons of costumes as they regularly came up with an event. Not only that, they also have special events like Ensemble Stars!! Half anniversary as well as the anniversary itself.

With 10+ units, Ensemble Stars!! pretty much cater to any type of group you can think of. Want some emo guys? They got UNDEAD. Need someone knightly to lean on? Knights is the one for you. Missed your childhood hero? Ryuuseitai will be there to save the day! In dire needs for adorableness? Ra*bits is filled to the brim with it. Those are just some examples, now imagine what you will find with the rest!

Start Dash! Ensemble Stars!! half anniversary will start soon!Although you might be amazed by the fast number of characters and their cards, at the core what really matters for this kind of game is their music. Ensemble Stars!! not only able to provide an endearing game with lovable characters and visuals, they also produced many original numbers that are easy to fall in love with. So even if you are just a casual player who is not good with rhythm games, Ensemble Stars!! is still worth playing.

If you are not sure when you should start, we highly recommend you to start playing now as the Ensemble Stars!! Half anniversary will start on September 11th, 2020. Ensemble Stars!! Half anniversary campaigns will not only provide you with tons of bonuses. Not only that, Ensemble Stars!! Half anniversary will also be releasing new cards. This will surely be a perfect momentum for those who just started. If by the end you still have some problem getting the characters you want even after all those bonuses, just remember that is here to help you with your gacha! ;9