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Hololive Indonesia: Hololive’s Attempt at Spreading Its Wing Even Further!

May 05, 2020

Hololive (stylized as hololive) is an agency based in Japan which houses many Virtual Youtubers. We have mentioned some in our previous article, so make sure you check it! After the success in Japan and China, hololive wanted to spread its wings all across the globe. Through the recruitment on December 27th last year, hololive Indonesia has welcomed its three members. Despite one of them having an issue during her first stream due to her internet connection, all three members are currently doing great! Many of their content is based on the interaction with one another. Without further ado, let us introduce you to the three members of hololive Indonesia!

Ayunda Risu

Debuted on April 10th, she’s the first hololive Indonesia member to debut which is a Squirrel. She’s a squirrel girl from a magical forest that lost her way in the human realm and was saved by a kind-hearted woman. She described herself as cheerful, clumsy and a crybaby. As a squirrel, she’s scared of dogs but admitted that she’s a big fan of Inugami Korone which, as the name said, a dog. She mentioned that she really wanted to collaborate with Korone. If you wanted to interact with Risu, you can head straight into her Twitter or Facebook and be a “Risuners” yourself!

Moona Hoshinova

On April 11th, 2020, a day after Risu’s debut, Moona started her first stream. Before becoming a VTuber, this shy girl, who talked in a unique Indonesian accent and upbeat tone, used to work as a model. During her debut, Moona experienced an issue since her PC broke down, where she ended up streaming using her laptop and using mobile data. This caused lags on her stream and ended her stream abruptly. Moona calls her fan “Moonafic”. In Indonesian, “Munafik” translates into “hypocrite” and Moona said that this is intentional. If you wanted to interact with Moona, you can head directly to her Twitter or Facebook

Airani Iofifteen

Iofi debuted the day after Moona so that makes 3 VTubers debuting 3 days in a row! As a breed of alien, Iofi is a cute, cheerful and open person, especially with her knowledge of Indonesian customs, urban/slang, and regional dialects. She is currently majoring in Visual Communication Design and adores Visual Novels, Rythm, and Gacha Games. Although 3 members of hololive Indonesia can speak Indonesian, English, and Japanese, Iofi is also learning German and Korean at the moment. Head straight to her Twitter or Facebook to interact directly with her!

So those are the members of hololive Indonesia. Head directly to their channel to watch their content and make sure to support them! So, which one is your favorite VTuber? Write down in the comments below and let us know!