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Easiest Way to Get Into VLiver, Hololive GAMERS!

May 03, 2020


We have talked about Four Heavenly Kings in our previous article, While the Four Heavenly Kings paved the way for the Virtual Youtuber (VTuber) market, it looks like a new type of virtual artist is coming! People call them Virtual Liver (VLiver) and they come from a few agencies in Japan. The differences between VTuber and VLiver are the content they produce. VTuber is more like a traditional YouTuber where they react to something or do a Let’s Play while VLiver will do a Livestream and interact directly with their fans. One of the biggest agency is hololive, they have dozens of members and not only from Japan but also a few other countries like China and Indonesia.

Offering a large category, you can choose which VLiver would be more to your liking. We have included a few of VLiver you should try watching in this article. While there are lots of VLiver agencies we’ll focus more on hololive specifically, hololive GAMERS. Without further ado let’s go!

Shirakami Fubuki

While we already include Fubuki in our previous article it would be a sin to not include her in a hololive GAMERS list! Cheerful and always excited, she loves singing little songs and making many jokes. While she loves doing these things she is a shy girl at heart. When embarrassed she hides at the bottom of the screen with only her fox-ears peeking up.

Ookami Mio

As the only hololive GAMERS member who’s able to manifest the power of a Stand, she’s the strongest member of hololive. Her stand is a combination of pigeon, goat, and wolf named Hatotaurus. It looks totally menacing! People sometimes mistook her long hair but her real tail is wrapped around one of her legs. She did this because she said that her tail is too sensitive.

Nekomata Okayu

Okayu’s last name is “Nekomata” which is the name of a type of yokai cat that appears in both Chinese and Japanese folklore. She is a relaxed, free-spirited, and likes to flirts. She sometimes flirts with other hololive GAMERS members just to see their reactions. Despite her being relaxed, she can get very emotional when playing games to the point of crying during emotional moments in the game.

Inugami Korone

“Inugami” translates roughly to “Dog god” and Korone is a Japanese word for “chocolate cornet”, a type of sweet, chocolatey bread from Japan. She also works in a bakery so it all makes sense! She’s sweet and energetic which contrasts with her violent and animalistic tendencies while playing games. She loves to kiss other hololive GAMERS members for no reason. Most dogs are loyal and so does Korone! She’s fiercely loyal towards Okayu and fans likes to calls them “OtaKoro” pairing.

So there you have it! We’ll add more VLiver article on our site since there are more VLiver outside of hololive GAMERS, which VLiver do you like the most? Hit us up on the comment section and write it down!