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Drown Yourself in Love With These 5 Eroge Recommendations!

Aug 08, 2020

Have you ever lay in your bed and just think “what if I have someone to hold?”. Well, we’ve prepared a list so you can drown yourself in love with these 5 eroge recommendations! If you are not interested in girls, worry not as we have this article to cater to your needs. Anyway, it is time for us to get going and show you our eroge recommendations with great stories.

Fate/stay NightDrown Yourself in Love With These 5 Eroge Recommendations!

Yes, you’re reading it right. The first one in our eroge recommendations list came from the well known Fate franchise. Some of you might be surprised, the first Fate game released is actually an eroge VN. The game focuses on the story and characters, so this might not be a choice for those who simply want something saucy... unless you want to go half an hour of mashing through choices and going back from bad ends only for a single scene?

Katawa ShoujoDrown Yourself in Love With These 5 Eroge Recommendations!

Just because you are broken, that does not mean that you are unloved. That basically sums up the whole plot of Katawa Shoujo. Sets in a school for disable student, this game focuses how the MC trying to stay alive due to his chronic cardiac arrhythmia and congenital heart muscle deficiency. Along the way, he will make some friends, who are also the love interests, where they all have their own baggage. Honestly, this game is a must in our eroge recommendations with great stories… tho be careful as there are quite a lot of bad endings!

Grisaia no KajitsuDrown Yourself in Love With These 5 Eroge Recommendations!

Grisaia no Kajitsu is the next one in our list of eroge recommendations with great stories. This game started when the MC moved to a prison-like school with only five female students. Just like Katawa Shoujo where the characters all have their own baggage, Grisaia is no different. However, the baggage carried by the characters are heavily based on their experience which mostly affects their mental condition. 

UtawarerumonoDrown Yourself in Love With These 5 Eroge Recommendations!

Unlike the previously mentioned games in our eroge recommendations, Utawarerumono is not your standard visual novel. It features a tactical role-playing battle system where we can move the characters through the square-based grid during the turn-based battles, kinda like when you are playing Fire Emblem. The fast-paced strategy RPG combat system that’s as satisfying as any you’d find in a more robust RPG is the reason why we have to add Utawarerumono to our eroge recommendations.

Rance SeriesDrown Yourself in Love With These 5 Eroge Recommendations!

Last but not least in our eroge recommendations is the Rance series! This series has been considered as the oldest continually-running eroge series. Their first installment was released back in 1989, and their latest one was released in 2018. The premise of the story is quite simple, it follows Rance as he saves a number of kingdoms, defeats demon invaders, and causes mischief in the in-game world. Unlike most MC out there, Rance is motivated by sexual instincts instead of love or justice.

Please note that our eroge recommendations are based on eroge that has a good story, not just saucy scenes. If you have a different opinion or would like to share your pick, our comment sections are open for you!