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D4DJ Unit Original Song Recommendations for Your Next Setlist!

Nov 19, 2020

Hi newbie DJs, was our list of D4DJ Anime cover songs not enough for you? Well, trying something fresh from our D4DJ original song recommendation might just be what you needed to hype up your next show. The exclusive tracks were created specially for the game’s DJ units in order to define the true music genre of D4DJ: EDM. Without further ado, here is our D4DJ original songs recommendation for your next setlist!


The first D4DJ unit original songs recommendation we’re giving you is none other than the game’s theme: LOVE! HUG! GROOVY!!, performed by all the DJ units. This song also functions as the introduction for all of the characters. A little tip for you: if you combine Type:L, Type:H, and Type:G of this song in medley mode with Happy Around’s ‘Dig Delight’, you’ll unlock the full version of it!

Happy Around!

Next up are D4DJ unit original songs recommendation from Happy Around! Two cheerful tracks that you should play from them is definitely ‘Dig Delight’ and ‘Cosmic CoaSTAR’. If you noticed at the opening, you’ll hear the instrumental version of Dig Delight playing in the background.

Peaky P-key

Yoba Academy’s top hip-hop unit is in the house! D4DJ unit original songs recommendation from Peaky P-key is a definite must-play for you. Two of their best tracks are ‘Gonna be right’ and ‘Denran★Countdown’, which serves as the first song played on a DJ show in the anime series.

Photon Maiden

Dance to the techno beat of D4DJ unit original songs recommendation from Photon Maiden! If you're planning to recreate their futuristic stage, it will not be complete without playing their D4DJ unit original: ‘Photon Melodies’ and the ever beautiful sounds of ‘A lot of life’.


Get your glow-in-the-dark bracelets ready because D4DJ unit original songs recommendation from Merm4id will make you feel like you’re in a music festival! Their top tracks, ‘Floor Killer’ and ‘round and round’ is the perfect choice for those who crave some electro house vibe to their setlist.

Lyrical Lily

Looking for those graceful synthpop vibes that are just perfect enough to keep the hype? Better make way for the young ladies from Lyrical Lily with their D4DJ unit original song recommendation, ‘Yogorecchimatta Kanashimi no Iro’, and move your feet to beat!


Bring out your inner rockstar and bang your heads to the D4DJ unit original songs recommendation from RONDO! A mix of melodic metalcore and electronic music gave birth to two masterpieces, ‘Shundō -movement-’ and ‘Horizontal Oath’. Listen carefully to hear their iconic guitar play!

So are you ready to mix these D4DJ original songs for your next party? Let us know down in the comments which one you’ll be adding to your setlist. Pssst, if you need some credits to unlock these songs or roll those 4-stars DJ, JapanCodeSupply.com is here to provide! :D