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Drop the Beat with 10 D4DJ Groovy Mix Anime Cover Songs!

Nov 04, 2020

Dear newbie DJs, still contemplating which song you should play in D4DJ Groovy Mix rhythm game? Well, if you want to start your setlist with a few familiar tracks, we got exactly what you need. We’ve listed down 10 D4DJ Anime cover songs from some of the most popular series to play, or even better, medley with! Are you ready to bop to that beat? Without further, here’s our list of D4DJ Anime cover songs:

Moonlight Densetsu by Happy Around! (Original: DALI - Sailor Moon 1st OP)

Happy Around! is putting on the sailor senshi uniform to sing Moonlight Densetsu! This legendary D4DJ Anime cover song will have you singing along in no time and, in the name of the Moon, capture your hearts.

Over Soul by Peaky P-key (Original: Hayashibara Megumi - Shaman King 1st OP)

It seems Peaky P-key is rising up for the challenge as they took on a legendary D4DJ Anime cover song, Over Soul. Psst, we’re actually hoping to get possessed by the rhythm game spirit and get a full combo on this song…

sakura by Photon Maiden (Original: NIRGILIS - Eureka Seven 4th OP)

Who would ever thought that Amazing Grace goes well as an electronic song opening? Photon Maiden’s rendition of sakura is delicately arranged so that every element of this D4DJ Anime cover song makes you feel like flying with Renton and Eureka!

DISCOTHEQUE  by Merm4id (Original: Mizuki Nana - Rosario + Vampire CAPU 2 1st OP)

Get your feet on the dance floor and move to the beat of Merm4id’s version of DISCOTHEQUE! The song builds up slowly with its electric flairs and when the DJ unit dropped the beat, you’ll be saying DISCO LADY, DISCO LADY~

DIVE TO WORLD by Happy Around! (Original: CHERRYBLOSSOM - Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 3rd OP)

Happy Around! is switching to their mafioso suits as they bop to the beat of DIVE TO WORLD! This D4DJ Anime cover song is one of those opening songs that power you up for an episode. Bring in some electric touch and you’ll get even more hyped~

Maji Love 1000% by Peaky P-key (Original: ST☆RISH - Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% 2nd ED)

Are you ready to hit the stage with Peaky P-key’s Maji Love 1000%? This D4DJ Anime cover song will have the fangirls jumping and waving their light sticks to the beat. Start the countdown and CHECK IT OUT!!

Unravel by RONDO (Original: Ling Tosite Sigure - Tokyo Ghoul 1st OP)

Ever wondered what the electronic version of ‘Unravel’ would sound like? Well, the rock DJ unit RONDO managed to take it to the next level with their rendition of this D4DJ Anime cover song. Tell us, did you sing along to ‘Oshiete, oshiete yo’ at the beginning?.

ふ・れ・ん・ど・し・た・い  Friend Shitai by Lyrical Lily (Original: Gakuen Seikatsu-bu - Gakkougurashi! OP)

Don’t let the happy-go-lucky Lyrical Lily version of this D4DJ Anime cover song fool you! Their rendition of Friend Shitai might get you dancing, but if you ‘watch’ it carefully you’ll find something ominous lurking in the video~

Rising Hope by RONDO (Original: LiSA - The Irregular at Magic High School 1st OP) 

What do you get when you mix rock DJ unit RONDO and LiSA? An epic D4DJ Anime cover song of course! Jam to their version of Rising Hope and feel the ultimate magic disperse in your mind. Here we go!

Sidonia by Photon Maiden (Original: angela - Sidonia no Kishi 1st OP)

Raise and salute to the fallen knights as Photon Maiden offers their Sidonia anthem! Trust us, when you start playing this D4DJ Anime cover song you’ll be shouting ‘KNIGHTS OF SIDONI-AA~’ without realizing it.

So what do you think, newbie DJs? Which one of these D4DJ Anime cover songs will be on your setlist? Let us know which song you’ll be playing first or make a medley out of in the comments below. And if you need some credits to buy these songs or gacha those 4-stars DJ, JapanCodeSupply.com got you covered ;) Hey DJ, cue the music!