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5 Lovable Project Sekai Colorful Stage Units!

Apr 09, 2020

Many of you still wonder whether Project Sekai Colorful Stage ft. Hatsune Miku worth your time and money. Since we have previously discussed 3 Reasons Why You Should Play Project Sekai Colorful Stage in the previous article, we will try to convince your uncertain heart once again! This time, by introducing you to the 5 lovable Project Sekai Colorful Stage's units. 


    The first Project Sekai Colorful Stage unit is Leo/need. Unlike the other units, Leo/need consisted of childhood friends who grew apart due to an incident back in middle school. With their shared history, it is no wonder that their unit Sekai is a classroom with a soft morning glow. Here, they are accompanied by both Miku and Luka, who are more than willing to help them admitting their real feeling and overcome their differences.

    More More Jump!

      Unlike the others, More More Jump, a Project Sekai Colorful Stage unit, consists of idols who quit (except for Minori Hanasato) due to various reasons. Since this unlikely unit shares the same love of being idols, it is not a surprise that their Sekai is a massive stage with countless glowsticks, perfect for idols to perform. There they will see Miku and Rin, standing tall as idols on stage, sparking the true feeling that they have in their heart.

      Vivid BAD SQUAD

        Vivid BAD SQUAD is the Project Sekai Colorful Stage unit with a unique backstory. Their story begins in the street as Kohane Azusawa stumbled upon a jam session and decided to become a street musician as well. As expected, their Sekai is reminiscent of an alleyway, completed with graffiti-covered walls and posters. Here we can find MEIKO, who owns a cafe. Together with her helpers DJ, Len and Miku, she is more than eager to help them to surpass the legends.

        Wonderlands x Showtime

          If you need someone to cheer you up, Wonderlands x Showtime is the perfect Project Sekai Colorful Stage unit for the job! This eccentric musical show put joy and laughter as their main mission. With a theme park complete with singing flower and walking stuff animals as their Sekai as well as Kaito as their troupe leader (and Miku as his assistants), they will make sure that everyone has a good time.

          25-ji, Night Chord de.

            Compared to other units, 25-ji, Night Chord de. has a quite peculiar concept since their member did really know one another and only communicate over voice chat called ‘Night Chord.’ Just like their identities, their Sekai is just as mysterious, which is pretty much an empty world with nothing except for a few dim rays of light. To make it even more mysterious, here pure white-haired Miku will appear in front of this Project Sekai Colorful Stage unit.

            We are honestly really hyped about meeting the 5 lovable Project Sekai Colorful Stage's units, especially since the pre-registration will begin at the end of April. So make sure you register yourself and top up your iTunes balance at japancodesupply.com!