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Yoko Taro to be a Virtual Youtuber!?

Mar 03, 2019

Yoko Taro is a video game director and scenario writer. He became known through his work such as Drakengard series and its two spin-offs; Nier Replicant/Gestalt, and the critically acclaimed sequel Nier: Automata. He is known for his unconventional design choices and stories. His writing technique, that he himself described as “backwards script writing” comprise of writing the ending of the story first, before slowly going backwards to build the narrative until the beginning of the story.

He is famously known to be quite the eccentric. What with how he always wear a mask in every public appearance, and this one particular act where he literally rolled around on the floor holding his game’s merchandise while saying obscenities to Square Enix.

And in the recent Nier: Automata livestream, Square Enix’s producer Yosuke Saito revealed that Yoko Taro will become a Virtual Youtuber! Virtual Youtuber is a person who has a youtube channel, that is represented in the said website by digital avatars generated by computer graphics. Just like the current most famous Virtual Youtuber Kizuna Ai. 

Yoko Taro will appear on Square Enix’s Virtual Idol Group; Gems Company's. He is set to appear at Wednesday Virtual Cast VRadio show sometime this month. Said Virtual Idol Group is done in collaboration with DearStage, a talent company. Monaca, which is a music studio created by Keiichi Okabe who are known as the composer of Nier and Drakengard series, is currently handling the group's music. 

This is certainly an unexpected turn of events and we can’t wait to see the eccentric director as a Virtual Youtuber!

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