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Yo-kai Watch 4 Release Date Has Been Delayed (Again)

May 05, 2019

Yo-kai Watch 4 release date will be delayed from June 6th, 2019. The game is supposed to be released on Winter 2018 but continued to postpone. Previously, the game will be released before the hype of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), yet with the announcement from Level-5 on May 16th, 2019 the game will be released after the Expo.

Yo-kai Watch, an RPG from Level-5 is one of the most popular franchises in Japan. The recession in sales of the earlier series (Yo-kai Watch 3) has made Level-5 put a lot of effort into the 4th series. To make the returning fans interested, series creator Akihiro Hino will use a different flow which was taken from the 4th movie, Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni King. The movie itself is a collaboration with GeGeGe no Kitarō.

Some characters have been announced to be in this series, including:

The Six Watch Users

From left to right: Shin, Touma, Keita, Natsume, Akinori, and Fumi-chan will be available in the battle.

Yo-kai Watch 4 The Six Watch Users


The Yo-Kai which origins from Keita’s world. When it possesses people, the people will apologize even when it isn’t their fault.

Yo-kai Watch 4 Gomendako


A Yo-kai that foresees good fortunes when it hits the pot on its head.

Yo-kai Watch 4 Narukama

Fuu-kun (Lightside) / Fuujin (Shadowside)

A Yo-kai who can unleash lightning when it gets angry

Yo-kai Watch 4 Rai-chan (Lightside) / Raijin (Shadowside)

Fuu-kun (Lightside) / Fuujin (Shadowside)

A mischievous yo-kai which origins from Natsume's world. It is always curious and likes to find someone to play with.

Yo-kai Watch 4 Fuu-kun (Lightside) / Fuujin (Shadowside)

GeGeGe no Kitaro and Medama-oyaji

According to the Famitsu, Yo-kai Watch 4 will be collaborating with dark fantasy series GeGeGe no Kitaro. 

Yo-kai Watch 4 GeGeGe no Kitaro and Medama-oyaji

You can watch the official ten-minute video of gameplay footage and details on the game's battle system here:


Pre-order the game to get either of these:
“Akaneko Gurenmaru” sword

You will be able to obtain the download code if you pre-order from Amazon Japan.

Yo-kai Watch 4 Akaneko Gurenmaru
“Shiroinu Hakuginken” sword

You will be able to obtain the download code if you pre-order from Lawson, 7-Eleven, or the Level-5 Online Store.

Yo-kai Watch 4 Shiroinu Hakuginken
“Ougon Jyuu” (Golden Gun)

You will be able to obtain the download code if you pre-order from all other retailers.

Yo-kai Watch 4 Ougon Jyuu

The game will be released in Japan for Nintendo Switch on June 20th, 2019. 
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