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Turn On Your TV as Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga Is Here!

Apr 27, 2021

One of the happiest memories of our childhood is likely filled with various superheroes, and one of them is probably someone you know very well, Ultraman. Among all of its series, one of them is known as 'Ultraman Tiga'. The show started back in the 2000's and left a lasting impression for many. Due to its popularity, Ultraman Tiga also appeared in several crossovers at that time. Some fans were wondering whether the series will have some sort of spin off. Well, it seems like the fans' prayers have been answered! In the commemoration of its 25th years anniversary, we will be getting a brand new show for Ultraman Tiga.

Turn On Your TV as Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga Is Here!

News of a new Ultraman Tiga will be released this year spread like a wildfire on the internet. Since it’s going to be a new generation, the show will be titled "Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. The title has a word “Trigger” as it’s truly a trigger version of Ultraman Tiga. You can take a look at his body as it is bulkier and looks more powerful compared to Ultraman Tiga. As it acts as a new Ultraman Tiga form, he has the same type of power as his predecessor. Let’s take a look of these new Ultraman Tiga forms:

Ultraman Trigger Multi Type

It’s the default form of Ultraman Trigger that has a balanced power and speed. In this form, Ultraman Trigger can use a variety of fighting styles, similar to its predecessor and Zeperion Beam as its special move. There’s also an additional weapon, namely the sacred weapon circle arm which makes it even more badass than Ultraman Tiga who does not have any weapons when fighting.

Ultraman Trigger Power Type

When transforming into the power type, his color pallet switched more to red. As a result, this new Ultraman Tiga receives an incredible brute strength that allows him to lift and toss a monster. In exchange for power, this form will have a lower speed and agility. The special move of power type is Deracium Beam Torrent, which gathers heat energy and releases it as a beam. While wielding circle arms, he primarily uses it in power claw form.

Ultraman Trigger Sky Type

Sky type is the most agile and fastest form of Ultraman Trigger, as he becomes more flexible and able to launch quick attacks. Mostly, the host will fight using this form if facing an enemy that loves to fly around or the one possessing high speed combat. The circle arms itself will change into Sky Arrow form which is used to shoot against this type of enemy. Watch out for you “Monsters'! Ultraman Trigger might be able to catch you if you severely underestimate him.

In Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, the host who transforms into Ultraman Trigger won’t be Daigo Madoka.You know heroes need to get rest as well as they become older. This time, Kengo Manaka, Member of GUTS-select (a.k.a the new GUTS), will be the one who inherits the power of this giant light. The fateful encounter between Kengo and Ultraman Trigger happens because the darkness that was sealed in deep space 30 million years ago once again rises and threatens the earth. How did Kengo's encounter with the Giant of Light affect his destiny and his beloved planet? Watch the series on July 10 to find out more and leave your comments below!