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Top 5 Hardest Resident Evil Bosses to Beat

Jul 31, 2021

Resident Evil is known as the game where monsters lurk in every corner. From normal zombies to mutated titans, you must face these enemies whenever you play the series. But among those creatures, who do you think is the most difficult one to beat? You must have a list of it, and so do we. Let’s compare your list with us on some hardest Resident Evil bosses to beat.


The iconic monster of RE3 and Jill’s number one fan is among the list of the hardest Resident Evil bosses to beat. With his one-sided love for Jill, he will keep pursuing Jill’s heart regardless who is the opponent and even if she goes to the end of the world. The only way to stop Nemesis is to give him a special moment that he will remember for the rest of life. But it’s gonna be rough to be honest and you need a special weapon for this. Yeah, give him an explosive shock to blast his heart to the max, so he'll stop chasing you, baby!

Albert Wesker

This person really loves to mess with Chris Redfield. Our impression of him is never good. He's kinda a bit annoying since he always finds a way to escape his death, making him the hardest Resident Evil boss to beat. All of this is possible to happen thanks to T-virus as the injection of the virus upgraded his status into a superpower human. However, you still can kick his ass and teach him who is the boss. But again, that won't guarantee anything. We just hope that Capcom makes one special series for us later to end his life for good.


Brought to you by the mad scientist of Neo Umbrella, Haos is a greater lunatic than its creator. This being was born only to complete one mission; to infect the world with the C-virus. As each part of his body contains millions of viruses, that explains why it has a big body. There's no doubt that his existence is worthy of being the hardest Resident Evil to beat. Even Chris and his partner Piers can’t do much aside from running.

William Birkin (G5 Stage)

When you see the video above, you immediately imagine how to survive this monster. Before transforming into a completely worst nightmare, William Birkin was the founder of G-virus that he ended up injecting himself with it. That was the birth of this monster. As this doctor injected one of the progenitor viruses, William Birkin (G5 Stage) is extremely dangerous and can be the greatest threat to the planet. His role as the final boss in RE2 puts him the hardest Resident Evil to beat.

Alcina Dimitrescu

We know how much you love to play with mommy but you will regret it later if you find out the secret behind her appearance. Lady Dimitrescu used to be a noblewoman with a normal human size, but everything changed when Mother Miranda got into the business. Long story short, Mother Miranda implanted an organism named “Cadou '' that made her larger. But there was a side effect of having this Cadou, she will transform into a bloodsucker dragon if she loses so much blood. In summary, there are two things you can do to survive; whether you stay submissive or aggressive. If you stay submissive, you can enjoy playing catch and mouse with her forever, but if you decide to be aggressive, prepare yourself to face this evil dragon.

That’s all the list of hardest Resident Evil Bosses to beat, got any recommendation other than these? Share your thought in the comments below!