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These 4 Overpowered Masters Won’t Make You Regret Studying!

Feb 28, 2021

The amazing anime characters that you adored might have the best anime sensei behind their journey. We did not glorify them in any form in this article, we’re just listing them. This list is not a random pick but purely based on the fact that they rarely receive injuries when fighting. Alright, without further ado, let’s take a look at these 4 overpowered masters in the anime.

Gojo Satoru

This character has just enlisted as one of the popular sensei names. Despite his adorable nature, which tends to come as stupid, you will be in trouble if you underestimate him. Gojo is the strongest sorcerer, which makes him the most powerful character in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe. His aim of resetting the bad Jujutsu administration system is the reason why he wants to become a teacher. To be honest, he can just kill people in the current administration if he wants to reset the system since he is too powerful and no one can stand against him. However, this method could only create hatred. That’s why he chose to be an overpowered master to lead the next generation in a better way, hoping one day they can change the bad system.

Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru is only a slime, but he is one of the strongest demon lords. There is no reason not to regard this character as an overpowered master. Rimuru is not only strong, he is also kind and a wise decision-maker (albeit being a pervert every now and then). His charisma makes him a worthy king. Rimuru also works as a temporary teacher in Freedom Academy to fulfill his promise to his destined person. You need to know that he’s a great teacher as he managed to find a way to save his disciple's life. Now tell us, which disciple doesn't like his teacher if he is this good?


You've watched One Punch Man, you might know why we put Saitama on the list. He’s literally an overpowered master. Knocking down the enemy with only one punch and never tasting a defeat in battle. However, the fact that he cannot pass down his strength and knowledge to his disciple Genos is his weakness. Even though he is incapable of teaching, Genos still adores him and follows the path that Saitama chose. Despite this weakness, he is one of the best anime sensei as he’s probably the most powerful master among all anime series you ever see.

Koro Sensei

This character tends to be underestimated due to its look as an overpowered master. Prior to being a teacher, he is a famous murderer who has been labeled as “The Reaper”. Having a dark past is the reason that made Koro Sensei a great teacher. He develops new techniques of teaching to make his students become the best at school. The teaching technique is rather strange, students are taught to learn ordinary lessons with some killing techniques. Have you ever seen among the best anime sensei that teach a student that combines a normal lesson with a killing method?

That’s all about them, now who’s your best anime sensei from the list above? You can share your opinion if you have any recommendations aside from those characters below.