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Temtem and Nexomon: Extinction - Pokemon but not Pokemon

Apr 09, 2021

Pokemon has just recently announced their newest project, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which will be released somewhere around 2022. For some fans, this might sound like awesome news. On the other hand, some might think that 2022 is still waaaaay too far from now. Well, worry not as we are here with a couple of recommendations. Something that might tickle the fancy of pokemon fans, Temtem and Nexomon: Extinction - Pokemon but not Pokemon.

Pokemon’s core is a monster taming game where you will end up saving the world. This premise is not something new. In fact, this kind of monster taming game story has been used again and again that we have lost count. Which is why we will be setting the limitation to games that were released in 2020.


First released on PC in early 2020, Temtem is perfect if you are looking for an adventure without going out of your room. Similar to other monster taming game, many children in Temtem dream about becoming a Temtem tamer. Although there are some similarities, there is one thing that makes Temtem stand apart from the other. Open world. That’s right folks, long before Pokemon Legends: Arceus is announced as an open world, Temtem has already done that. With the expansive map to explore and chances to interact with other players, Temtem is a must try for monster taming game fans.

Nexomon: Extinction

At a glance, you cannot not see the similarity between Nexomon: Extinction and Pokemon. From the character sprite to the healing center to the battle, the similarities are a little too familiar. However, upon a closer look there are differences between Nexomon: Extinction that make them a separate entity. Little things like pace is probably one of the biggest differences. Unlike Pokemon, Nexomon: Extinction did not force us to sit through tons and tons of dialogue. Not only that, they also skip quite a lot of the transition. However the biggest difference between Nexomon: Extinction and Pokemon, lies on how you capture the monster. In Pokemon what you have to do is beat the wild Pokemon until it is barely alive and use your Pokeball (or other superior type to increase the chance) then cross your finger hoping for the best. In Nexomon: Extinction first you beat them up a little, feed them something (not a must, but add extra chance for it to be captured), throw your Nexotrap (same type will increase your chance), and then press the button according to what was shown on the screen. Personally, we think that the last step adds a nice addition as it is more interactive.

So those are our recommendations for those of you who just can’t wait for the Pokemon Legends: Arceus. What do you think about those monster taming game? Will you give them a try? Or have you actually tried them? Tell us in the comments!