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Stop Wasting Time and Wear These 4 Bayonetta’s Hot Costumes

Jul 13, 2020

Just like what the title said, we're going to tempt you to grab some special suits on this game. Before going there, do you know about Bayonetta? She’ll likely punish you if you have no idea who she is, lol. Alright, for those of you who are clueless about Bayonetta, please don’t worry as we’re going to give you a crash course first before moving to Bayonetta’s hot costumes

So basically the story is about a world that was created by the balance of light and dark. Two factions who control those elements, called Lumen Sage and Umbran Witch. Lumen Sage belongs to the Light while the Umbran Witch belongs to the Dark. Both factions shared two treasures who oversee the passage of time, the Eyes of the World.

Long story short, we will be playing as Bayonetta the Umbran Witch and the owner of the Left Eye of the World who is searching for the Right Eye of the World. Her reason is to prevent the realm from destruction. You will face enemies who come from both Paradiso as well as Inferno. You will be able to equip yourself with various costumes and weapons throughout the journey to stand against a bunch of powerful enemies. There will be tons of Bayonetta’s hot costumes you can grab from Rodin’s place. Not sure which one to choose? Then stop wasting time and wear these 4 Bayonetta’s hot costumes!

1. Bayonetta Original Costume

The original costume of Bayonetta looks really iconic as it shows the true form of the Umbran Witch. Cladded in dark leather-like materials with skin shown here and there, it sure highlights her beauty. She sure seems ready to take down the enemies!

2. Bayonetta Police Costume

How about catching some Angels and Infernals? Tho, since this is Bayonetta we’re talking about, she sure is going to do it in a sexy way. Maybe with a spank or two along the way to ensure good behaviour. Either way, she sure can pull this look!

3. Dress

Not a fan of police uniforms? How about a luxurious dress from the story end? You do want to look elegant to catch people’s attention but still lay low. All in all, this sure looks lovely and sophisticated on Bayonetta. Now THAT is a temptation we could not resist!

4. Star Fox Mccloud

Shoot some love to your enemies with this suit! This is one of Bayonetta's hot costumes that allows you to make your enemy green with envy for her sexiness. Providing a perfect distraction while shooting green energy beams that match the costume. Tho, judging on how tight the costume is, we are not sure how comfy it is.

So those are our top picks for Bayonetta’s hot costumes. However, make sure you also reconsider which costume suits you the best in a battle. We highly recommend you not to randomly pick costumes based on the look as your enemies are strong enough to take you down. But hey, as long as you enjoy the game, it’s gonna be fine.

There are already 2 Bayonetta games out there, but the story is still far from over! There is an official trailer of Bayonetta 3 that came around 2017 but the game is not out yet. What kind of Bayonetta’s hot costumes will be available there and the story as well. Maybe the game should be out in the near future… or so we hope. Either way, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you won’t miss anything!