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Shenmue 3 Finally coming out Next Month!

Sep 25, 2019

Shenmue 3 Director Yu Suzuki conceived Shenmue as a saga spanning multiple games start fundraising on Kickstarter in 2015 and took his team almost 5 year development time. Now, it’s finally coming out next month! Although we have no clue if it will really wrap up the saga this time around, or if we’ll need to wait on yet another sequel for that to happen. But surely, Developer Ys Net has crafted an exquisite beautiful-looking game.

Shenmue 3 directly continues the plot from the first two games, so if you don’t play them, you’re not going to have much of an idea of what’s going on. Thankfully, while the titles were originally released on the Dreamcast, Shenmue and Shenmue 2 got HD remasters last year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. According to, Shenmue 3 is releasing on November 19, 2019, on PC and PS4. Shenmue 3 could be a resurrection moment for the Shenmue series as a whole. Get this right and they could prove to a major publisher, such as Sony, that Shenmue is no longer a risky bet but a sure thing and get them to invest in another game so that Ryo can stretch his wings fully and bring this brilliant story to another generation of gamers.

There Are Still Mini-Games – Even there isn’t any formal information about the Mini-Games feature, but we know for sure that Ryo will at least be able to waste his time with arcade games.

Quick Time Events Are Back – The original Shenmue didn’t just popularize quicky side games. Quick Time Events (or QTEs) that revolutionize game industries. They’ll be back in full force for Shenmue 3.

Fighting Will Be Different – Suzuki has stated that fighting in Shenmue 3 will be more choreographed than previous entries. He hopes that battles feel more like puzzles than anything else, as players try to figure out the right move to use for the situation at hand.

The Graphics Were update, and characters look a lot more expressive now. Given that this is supposed to be an emotional adventure, it seems pretty important for the cast to actually portray their detail facial animations, too. Shenmue 3 is a masterpiece in the series, that answers fans for over many years. Become one who travels with Ryo to practice in Guillin here