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Rhythm Games: ARGONAVIS, Ensemble Stars, & Twisted Wonderland

Jan 17, 2021

A new rhythm game has been released and it’s called ‘ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside’. However instead of having cute girls as the characters, we will be having hot boys. That’s right ladies, we will be having more hotties. If you want to know more about ARGONAVIS in general, we highly suggest you check this article. Here, we will try to see how one rhythm game full of hotties can be different with another. In this case we will be comparing ARGONAVIS, Ensemble Stars, and Twisted Wonderland.

Now, before you protest, we knew that Twisted Wonderland is a pseudo rhythm game. However, we decided to pick Twisted Wonderland as one of the comparisons as it was one of the most hyped games last year. As for Ensemble Stars, we will obviously focus on the Ensemble Stars!! Music as Ensemble Stars!! Basic is actually not a rhythm game. Anyway, let’s start comparing!

First, let's start with the story. Although both ARGONAVIS and Ensemble Stars took place in ‘real world’, their stories are quite different. ARGONAVIS’ main premise is ‘battle of the band’, where the characters try to win LIVE ROYAL FESTIVAL to get a chance for international debut while Ensemble Stcars focus on the characters’ journey to become an idol. Twisted Wonderland on the other hand, well… focus on how we got isekai-ed and try to find a way back home.

The difference in the story also affects the appearance of the characters. Since ARGONAVIS
pick band competition as the setting, most of the characters are either university student or working class, save for ΕpsilonΦ who are all still in middle and highschool student. So it is no surprise that most of them look like young adults. On the other hand, Ensemble Stars took place in a private school for idols, making it quite obvious why some look really youthful. Since Twisted Wonderland is set in an isekai, they have more leeway regarding the characters. Among the others, they definitely are the one with the widest age range (at least based on the look). Here are some of the characters, in case you didn’t believe us!

Since we are talking about rhythm games, the most important things are obviously the songs and the gameplay. ARGONAVIS’ songs are a mix between original songs and popular Japanese songs. As they are aiming to become an idol and make a name for themselves, it is no surprise that all of the Ensemble Stars songs are original songs. Although Twisted Wonderland is using something original, so far all of their songs are instrumental.

Gameplay wise, ARGONAVIS and Ensemble Stars offer similar experiences with options to choose between the 2D or 3D live. The biggest difference between the two lies on the amount of area you have to tap as you can see below.

Twisted Wonderland however, took a whole different route by having, so far, three different types of ‘rhythm game’. The first one with two tapping areas and the second one with only one tapping area, which is not really surprising as it is a pseudo rhythm game. The third one however, is more similar to osu! Instead.

All in all, ARGONAVIS, Ensemble Stars, and Twisted Wonderland have their own plus points. In the end, which one you should be playing highly depends on your preference. Whether it’s the preference for the story, game play, or even whether you are looking for a baby, or a daddy ;)