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Resident Evil 8 Villains: From Mother to Monsters

May 06, 2021

It will shock some of you to know that the title of this article is somewhat off, but that's the truth! We’ve never imagined that Resident Evil will turn out this way. As you can see from the reaction of some players that have played the demo, rather than being scared of the “Horror”, people are more focused on certain "Mommy" during the chase. All of this thanks to the certain “Resident 8 Vampire Lady” that managed to win the player's heart due to...peculiar reason. But before we go further, we warn you that you’re about to read an explicit article so some of the words and the pictures might not be suitable for your age.

As you already know, Resident Evil 8: Village sets in a slum village. Based on the recent demo, all the residents in this village worship an entity known as "Mother Miranda''. We’re not sure if Mother Miranda is as alluring as her servant, Lady Dimitrescu (that we not so secretly call mommy), since almost every inch of her body is cladded in black. Although not much has been revealed about Mother Miranda, we can confirm that she has 4 main servants who serve her including the famous “Resident Evil 8 Vampire Lady”. These 4 servants are called “Four Lords'' can be found in different areas that you will explore as you progress in the game. You will encounter these ultimate Resident Evil 8 villains if you try to properly locate the area with a map, not just fool around with mommy. Alright without further ado, let’s take a look at these Four Lords:

Alcina Dimitrescu

She is the one that has been popular since the first trailer of the game, the Resident Evil 8 Vampire Lady - Alcina Dimitrescu. Alcina Dimitrescu resided in her castle with her 3 beautiful daughters. She’s the first lord that Capcom reveals as the Resident Evil 8 villain. Her tall figure and not to mention her curvaceous body paired with the alluring smile proved to be quite a distraction for some players. Thanks to her and her daughters, many players tend to spend a little extra time in her domain. Worry not tho, her eyes will never wonder. After all, we are the only one she wanted.

Karl Heisenberg

This man is one of Resident Evil 8 villains which is frequently shown on the demo. The name is Karl Heisenberg, the engineer, owner, as well as operator of Heisenberg’s factory. He's most likely the boss of all the Lycans who will hunt you down in the game. This man loves to smoke cigars, wear sunglasses and leather like a stranded midwest cowboy. Make sure not to forget the huge hammer that he always carries along. It’s no joke getting crushed by that one. So unless you want to become a pancake, better keep some distance!

Salvatore Moreau

Look at that nightmare-inducing clammy face! That monster is called Salvatore Moreau, the lord of Moreau’s Reservoir. The reservoir used to be a fishing house but now it’s haunted by fish monsters. Not sure what happens here, whether the fish around that has transformed into a monster itself or what. One thing for sure tho, visiting this place will guarantee you being hunted by the creepiest Resident Evil 8 Villains.

Donna Beneviento

Finally, the last Resident Evil 8 villain is Donna Beneviento, a puppeteer from House Beneviento. Until the recent trailers, no one could see her true face as it was hidden under a mourner’s shawl. She'll be accompanied by Ange, a doll that she controls but we don’t really know how this doll can move. We expect there is an element of supernatural power involved in this case. Whatever the case, never take your eyes off of this woman. She might be the most horrifying villain among the 4 Lords.

We all know that you hyped for this game, especially Lady Dimitrescu is the one that will play with you. However, do remember you won’t get into the next level if you just play around the castle with Mommy. It’s hard to resist the temptation but we are here to urge you to finish the game. So keep your mother complex in control and don't fool around too much!