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Off to a Good Start With Gen 1, Hololive ID Gen 2 is Here!

Dec 15, 2020

After a great success with Moona, Risu, and Iofi, Hololive is going at it with their Indonesian VTuber! Announcing the 2nd generation of Hololive on December 1st, a Zombie, Peacock, and a Kris. Interesting right? We’re here to give you a brief summary on who Hololive ID 2nd Generation are. So, without further ado, let’s just jump right into it!

Kureiji Ollie 

A Zombie from Indonesia! She said that she died at 17 and resurrected, so that becomes her permanent age. Her appearance is that of a (of course) Zombie, stitched with replacement flesh to complete her, and also a clothes eaten by rat (as she said so). Befitting her status as a zombie, Ollie's limbs occasionally detach from her body. She has a sword stabbed through her head and there her mascot Udin dangles. If you’re interested in becoming a “Zomrades” head directly to her channel!


Anya Melfissa 

After getting kicked from her room by the landlady she passed out and woke up in front of the hololive office. She was asked to be a VTuber by Mr. 85 himself and she agreed! She has a dream of becoming an idol like Tokino Sora. Her appearance is just like that of a Kris, since the kris has a wavy shape, she also has wavy hair. Become Melfriends by heading straight to her channel!


Pavolia Reine 

As a Lady of the Peafowl, she was studying at a magic academy and she was involved in an incident that transferred her to the human world. Since then, she has been unable to use much of her magic. Starting her stream with her own opening music, the debut stream is a great success! The success was probably due to a lot of people feeling familiar with her design. Well, that was because she was illustrated by the same illustrator of Chiyo from Ane Naru Mono and Mamako from Okaa-san Online! If you haven’t watch her, Become #MERAKyats by joining her stream!


So, what do you think about the 2nd generation of Hololive ID? Which one is your favorite? Zombie, Kris, or a Peacock? Let us know in the barudown below!