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Nioh 2 Announces New Playable Protagonist, Launches in Early 2020!

Sep 18, 2019

The awaiting Nioh 2 is finally going to be released in early 2020 for Playstation 4. Looking at the key visual, it was revealed that the new protagonist is half-yokai (demon) and half-human. Let’s dive more into the game!

After launching the Alpha demo session which invited 50.000 participants, Team Ninja has received 18.000 feedback and most of them are positives. Since then, the team has fixed some errors during the process of designing Yokai action that required some special moves such as “yokai moves”. Not only that, the visual presentation in “Dark Realm” has also greatly improved.

Nioh 2 takes place in a new area which is named as The Village of Cursed Blossom that will serve the majority of the game. Sets in the Sengoku Period of Japan, the game takes us deep into Dark Realm of the Yokai. As previously mentioned, the journey to the Dark Realms of Yokai will be accompanied by the new playable protagonist who is part human and yokai which allows the battle between yokai vs samurai and yokai vs yokai to unfold.

With the hero possessing the power of Yokai, now the players have the ability to transform the hero into yokai mode, known as Yokai Shift. This transformation will unleash the great power residing inside the hero. Speaking of the yokai, Nioh 2 also introduces some new yokai characters in the game such as Nure-onna and Enenra.

Nure-onna is a yokai that will leave the victim paralyzed for those who come in contact with the beams in her eyes.

Enenra, a yokai born from the grudges of humans who met their untimely ends in the dark realm, takes a massive form of flame.

Players will also encounter a terrifying beast called Mezuki, which takes the form of a horse wielding a saw-like weapon. Not stopping there, at the end of the latest trailer, we see a new female character who is described to have a great hatred for yokai.

This far, judging from the trailer and demo gameplay shown at TGS 2019, Nioh 2 is surely one of the highest anticipated game releases in 2020. Can’t wait to get your hand on the game? Be the first one to play and purchase your Japanese Playstation Network Card here!