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Need More of Your Favorite Series? Try Their Anime Mobile Games!

May 26, 2021

Imagine this: you’ve just finished another blockbuster Anime series but are left hanging for more action with your favorite characters. What should you do? Well, play their Anime mobile games of course! But some of you might not know what to download. Luckly, we’ve got just the thing for you. Introducing our special list of some of the most popular series that have their own Anime mobile games!

That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime: Lord of Tempest (Release date: October 30th, 2018)

Did you know that TenSura had a game released a year before its Anime adaptation aired? Yup, first on our list of Anime mobile games is TenSura: Lord of Tempest! It’s a 2D RPG and city-building game that follows the original story. It is also the only official Japanese game that was released by the series so far.

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! (Release date: February 27th, 2020)

After dying and reincarnating into a fantasy world, Kazuma’s journey continues in our next Anime mobile game, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! The game takes you on a role-playing adventure with the characters from the series and goes on a quest to battle enemies. You’ll also be able to see some never before seen game-exclusive scenes!

Re:Zero Lost in Memories (Release date: September 9th, 2020)

What if you could create an alternative story after Subaru’s ‘Return by Death’? That’s exactly the highlight of this Anime mobile game! Lost in Memories is an RPG that lets you create what ifs scenarios of Re:Zero stories. You’ll also be joined by the characters of the series as you embark on an unknown adventure full of untold possibilities!

Uma Musume Pretty Derby (Release date: February 24th, 2021)

This particular entry on our list of Anime mobile games takes the gaming world by storm with its unique theme: horse racing. The horse-girls of Uma Musume Pretty Derby were reincarnated in a parallel universe for one purpose, to continue their race and relive their glory. In this racing game, you’ll be at literal full speed ahead to reach their dreams!

Mushoku Tensei: Game ni Nattemo Honki Dasu (Release date: March 27th, 2021)

True to its name, this next Anime mobile game will get you seriously trying your best even if it’s just a game! Mushoku Tensei: Game ni Nattemo Honki Dasu is an RPG game where players battle waves of enemies to clear stages. The story will follow the one from the light novel, albeit with a slight difference from the Anime series.

My Hero Academia - Ultra Impact (Release date: May 19th, 2021)

My Hero Academia is a must on our list of Anime mobile games that you should play, considering how much it gained popularity in the last few years. Ultra Impact is a turn-based fighting RPG where players will have 3v3 battles. Using the characters from the series, you can create the perfect team and together you’ll go PLUS ULTRA!

YuYu Hakusho - Genkai Battle Spirit (Release date: May 19th, 2021)

Finally, this last entry of our Anime mobile games list will take you into the legendary world of Yu Yu Hakusho. Genkai Battle Spirit lets you dive into the world of action RPG with some of the most popular fighters from the series. The highlight of this game is its battles that look just like the Dark Tournament!

So what do you think about our list of Anime mobile games? Aren’t you excited for more adventures with your favorite characters? Well, don’t hold yourselves back and download them all on your iOS or Android device! And to add the sprinkles on top, enjoy our 3OFF discount code for your next top-up above $50 only at