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Monster Hunter: World Surpassed 13 Million Digital Shipment, Celebrating with Rare Item Pack!

Jul 07, 2019

Monster Hunter: World New Record Surpassed 13 Million Digital Shipment, They’re Celebrating with Rare Item Pack!

One of the best selling video games from Capcom, Monster Hunter: World has been a massive hit and breaks another record. It was not only succeeded in maintaining it’s existing fans, but also bringing a new line of fans in a very short time. They officially announced via Twitter that their shipment and digital downloads have reached over 13 million units worldwide since their first released on January 26th in PS4 and Xbox. The PC version was released on August 3rd, 2018.

To celebrate this achievement, Capcom is awarding everyone a special in game pack which hunters can claimed once as daily login bonus between July 25th - August 29th (that’s 36 days of bonuses!) consisting of: x1 Attack Jewel, x13 Appreciation Ticket, x13 Silver Egg, x3 Gold Wyverian Print, x3 Heavy Armor Sphere. Every item is useful and rare. The attack jewel is the most exclusive and possibly the rare item you desirely to get. If you’re an old player you know these items are very occasional to get one for free. These are great items for hunters for starting position in the next series.

Capcom always listens to their fans’ feedback for more difficulty and more challenges to keep things interesting for skilled hunters. Monster Hunter: World breaking a record is something to be expected, They are making a breakthrough by keeping hunters challenged with the new monsters, special quest and unlocks in new world teeming with surprises and excitement.

It’s not too long to wait another sequel which will have a greater challenge by introducing a new region, preparing to release its massive expansion pack - Iceborne, which will be released this fall on September 6th, 2019. Are you excited to get these rare item? Monster Hunter: World also available to download on Playstation Network. Secure your digital edition with our exclusive Japanese PSN Cards.