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Meet the Front Liners of the Demon Slayer Corps: Hashira!

Hi fellow otaku! Did you remember a group of seemingly strong individuals Tanjiro met at the end of Demon Slayer’s first season? They’re ‘Pillars’ or Hashira, the strongest warriors of the corps who will lead the battle against Kibutsuji Muzan. But some of you anime-only fans might be curious about who they are. To prepare you for what’s ahead before the second season airs, we have created a special guide of Demon Slayer’s Hashira just for you!


Tomioka Giyuu (CV. Sakurai Takahiro)

Demon Slayer’s Hashira

The first Demon Slayer’s Hashira we’re introducing is Water Hashira, Giyuu. Some of you might know him as the one who kick-started Tanjiro’s journey of becoming a demon slayer. This ‘cool’ guy was also the last remaining student of the former Water Hashira.

Kocho Shinobu (CV. Hayami Saori)

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Next up is the nice older sister who saved Tanjiro and friends after their battle in the Natagumo Mountain, Insect Hashira Shinobu. This Hashira is known for her unique battle style using a thin blade that’s coated with specialized demon-only poison.

Rengoku Kyojuro (CV. Hino Satoshi)

Kyojuro is a Demon Slayer’s Hashira with a quirky personality and a strong resolve. As the Flame Hashira, he was often ridiculed for his dream to rediscover the Sun Breath. But to Tanjiro, he’s a hero who stayed true to his blade path until (spoiler!) the end.

Uzui Tengen (CV. Konishi Katsuyuki)

Demon Slayer’s Hashira

Flamboyant is the best word to describe this Hashira. The Sound Hashira was once a shinobi who prioritized mission above everything, but he changed when he joined the battle to defeat Muzan. Psst, he’s a central character on the series’ second season!

Tokito Muichiro (CV. Kawanishi Kengo)

Demon Slayer’s Hashira

Muichiro the Mist Hashira is the next Demon Slayer we’re introducing. He was hailed as a genius who became a Pillar after a short training. Although he was strong enough to defeat an Upper Moon by himself, he was known as the airhead who goes at his own pace.

Kanroji Mitsuri (CV. Hanazawa Kana)

Demon Slayer’s Hashira

The search for the perfect husband led Mitsuri on the path of destroying evil as the Love Hashira. She’s known to be a kind and compassionate person who won’t hesitate to help others. But don't get on her bad side, because she’s physical strength is no joke!

Iguro Obanai (CV. Suzumura Kenichi)

Demon Slayer’s Hashira

The Serpent Hashira, Obanai, was known as an ambitious Demon Slayer’s Hashira who will stop at nothing to destroy Muzan at the expense of others. But behind his rude demeanor, he’s actually a devoted man who will do anything to become worthy of a certain someone’s love.

Shinazugawa Sanemi (CV. Seki Tomokazu)

You might remember the Wind Hashira, Sanemi, as the guy who provoked Nezuko with his blood. But despite his vicious looks and prickly personality, he is someone who upholds the corps long-standing principles and knows how to respect others.

Himejima Gyomei (CV. Sugita Tomokazu)

Demon Slayer’s Hashira

The last one we’re going to introduce is the blind Stone Hashira, Gyomei. He’s known for his signature crying and praying pose. But don’t let him fool with his seemingly weak demeanor because he’s the strongest Demon Slayer’s Hashira!

That’s it for our special Demon Slayer’s Hashira guide! Have you familiarized yourself with their names and powers? Because they would definitely become handy when you watch the Anime series (especially on battles). But if you ever need to refresh your memories when they show up, be sure to check out this list!