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Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary, M-flo Will Release A New Single

May 05, 2019

M-flo, one of the most unique, interesting and successful JPop groups is going to release a new single. It will be released to celebrate their 20th anniversary this year. M-flo has been around since July 3rd, 1999, with single “the tripod e.p.”.

M-flo new single

The title of m-flo new single is ”mortal portal e.p.” which can be described as a "portal" which connects the world of humans to another parallel world. The single will be released on July 3rd, 2019. The title comes from the idea that our world is connected to other dimensions via a hole, a “mortal portal.” This idea extends to the single’s artwork. M-flo new single covers were taken on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano, the most mysterious place with mystical energy in the world, which is also home to the world’s largest observatory complex, the Mauna Kea Observatories. The place is also the nearest place to the outer space.

There will be 3 songs and varieties in the m-flo new single  “mortal portal e.p.”. The first one will be their instrumentals, the second will be their acapella, and the last one will be a remix of one of the songs. The content of the CD consist of 3 main new songs followed by 3 Instrumental versions and 3 acappella versions of their new songs while the DVD content consist of EKTO and STRSTRK music videos.

M-flo new single

The first song is “EKTO”, described as a spiritual and heartbreaking love song. It’s also a tie-in for the “Hakken Hawaii” tourism campaign. Next is the spacey “STRSTRK”, which brings “tilt rap” to JPop. It’s followed by the previously-released “MARS DRIVE.” A remix of “EKTO” by 15-year-old producer SASUKE is also included.

The price of the CD will be 1,296 JPY and 2,160 JPY include the DVD and now you can already buy the STRSTRK - Single with our iTunes Japan Gift Card! Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary m-flo! Are you a fan of m-flo? Check out the STRSTRK Music Video below: