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Lost Soul Aside Game, The New China Hero Project

Aug 10, 2020
Lost Soul Aside Game, The New China Hero Project

You might not be familiar with this game or might have heard of it in one of its interviews, as Sony’s China Hero Project has chosen Lost Soul Aside game to be one of its projects. Well, it doesn’t matter cause we’re gonna tell you more about this game. This Sony’s China Hero Project game was initially flourished by one man, now getting a team to cover the development until it officially releases.

Lost Soul Aside is an open-world fantasy game which is targeted for every RPG lover, with a combat style that is similar to DMC and Bayonetta. The Lost Soul Aside game is still under development but has released 2 trailers so far. Yang Bing, the man behind Lost Soul Aside, mentioned that the game is scheduled to be released by the end of 2020. He plans to create a game where people can enjoy the story as well as the gameplay.

Any detail regarding the story has not been released just yet. However, their latest trailer shows the world, battle system, and the main protagonist. So far, what we know regarding the story is only based on the synopsis at the Lost Soul Aside website. Where it mentioned that the Lost Soul Aside game will follow the journey of Kazer (the main characters) while searching for a mysterious crystal in order to save himself. During this journey, he will be accompanied by a tiny dragon Arena.

Are you eager to know more? Do you want to see more amazing things from the Lost Soul Aside game? Worry not, as we are here to provide you!

1. The main character, Kazer, at the beginning of his journey

2. Lost Soul Aside shows the battle of Hack and Slash

3. Explore the fast world building of the Lost Soul Aside game

4. The powerful boss whom Kazer should defeat to complete his journey

5. The unknown lady in the trailer. A friend or foe?

At first, the plan was to release this game around 2018, but it got delayed to the end of 2020. It seems they are waiting for the right moment to drop more info for the Lost Soul Aside game. Let’s just hope that this game will be available soon so we can join Kazer in his journey!