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Let the Worlds Collide in 3 Anime Series Adapted from Webtoon!

May 05, 2020

Japan and South Korea have come together bringing a new trend to the animation industry: Anime series adapted from Webtoon! In coordination with Crunchyroll, they take on a new challenge of creating fresh ideas from South Korea and combine them with the legendary animation from Japan. The result? Some of the best Anime adapted from Webtoon that will get fans hooked up for sure. From fantasy-filled adventures to action-packed school life, the series will make you feel nostalgic and intrigued at the same time. Out of the joined force comes 3 Anime adapted from Webtoon that became the talk of the town!

Tower of God (Release Date April 2020)

The first entry of our list of Anime adapted from Webtoon is the popular adventure-fantasy series, Tower of God. The story follows Yoru (Twenty-Fifth Bam/Bam in original webtoon), an irregular boy who was born outside the Tower and was trapped under a cave beneath it. The series will cover his journey as he faces dangerous and difficult tests to reach the top of the Tower where any wish can be granted for one purpose only: to meet his dearest friend Rachel.

God of High School (Release Date July 2020)

dGet ready to fight for the title “The God of High School”! In this Anime adapted from Webtoon, you’ll be watching the Renewal Taekwondo master, Jin Mo-Ri, as he joined the martial arts tournament that brings together students from all over South Korea. With the Borrowed Power from mystical creatures and advanced martial arts, the contestants fight against each other to reach their ultimate goal: having one wish granted with no question.

Noblesse (Release Date TBA 2020)
Anime adapted from Webtoon

In this Anime adapted from Webtoon, you’ll join the vampire Rai’s journey to uncover the hidden mysteries of his past after sleeping for 820 years. Without any knowledge of modern technology, he started his life among the teenagers of Yeran High School with his trusted servant, Frankenstein, while trying to fit in. Along the way, they befriended other students and encountered a dangerous organization while trying to uncover Rai’s past. Sadly, the full trailer hasn’t come out yet. But at least you can bask in Rai’s beauty in the poster!

There you go, our list of 3 Anime adapted from Webtoon that you should definitely check out. So what do you think? Which one do you think will get you binging? Let us know in the comments below. We can’t wait for their release, or better yet, more series to be announced. Be sure to turn up your notification for the coming premieres!