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Japanese Playstation 5 Games That Will Make You Hyped For The Console Release!

Jun 28, 2020

With the new console’s release date announced, we’re blessed with tons of game announcements. As the list started to unveil, some games pique people’s interest, especially the games released by the Japanese companies. We have compiled a list of the Japanese Playstation 5 Games for you. Without further ado, here are Japanese Playstation 5 Games That Will Make You Hyped For The Console Release!

Resident Evil VILLAGE

After previously focusing on the remake of their older games, one of CAPCOM’s first entries for the latest console is ‘Resident Evil VILLAGE (VIII)’. Powered by the RE Engine, which was used by the previous games, this game will offer you an ultra-realistic graphic that will mesmerize you. Fight for survival as scary things lurk around the corner.

Demon's Souls

While Souls-like genre has managed to make you destroy your stick, not many have played the first-ever Souls-like game. Demon’s Souls Remake has been announced on the PlayStation 5 announcement. With an even better graphic than it’s PlayStation 3 counterpart, this PlayStation 5 will kick your ass even more. So prepare to die(s)!


The next on the list of Japanese PlayStation 5 Games is ‘GHOSTWIRE: Tokyo’, a new PlayStation 5 exclusive game from Shinji Mikami and Tango Dreamworks. The game took place in Tokyo after the city was 99% depopulated due to a paranormal occult event, leaving spirits to ravage the city and its survivors. The game is full of modern Japanese urban legend, like headless schoolgirls and faceless children holding an umbrella.


CAPCOM offers us another game during the announcements, adding more Japanese PlayStation 5 Games that will hyped you up on the console release. It’s a new original title called ‘Pragmata’. There’s not much has been revealed for now as the game trailer only shows a man, who looks like an astronaut, and a girl looking towards Earth from the moon. Since the game will be released for PlayStation 5 and XBOX X in 2022, we better look forward to it!

Project Athia

The Japanese PlayStation 5 Games would not be complete without the announcement of Square-Enix’s new game, Project Athia. The trailer itself stated that the game was “designed exclusively for PlayStation 5”. While not much information has been given out, the game itself seems set in a fantasy world full of creatures and giant fiery dragons. Definitely a must add to your list if you’re a fan of Square-Enix’s!

Scarlet Nexus

While previously revealed during the first XBOX X in May, Bandai Namco quickly announced that ‘Scarlet Nexus’ would be coming to PlayStation 5 as well. Making our list for the Japanese PlayStation 5 Games even longer. From the trailer itself, it looks like an anime-styled hack-and-slash set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game itself is created by the talents behind the ‘Tales of’ series. If you’re a fan of the series you better keep an eye on this!

Since PlayStation 5 has announced that it will have a digital edition with no disc drive, PlayStation Store is your only choice! If you need a Japanese PlayStation Network cards for Japanese PlayStation 5 Games, we’re here for you!