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Jam to the Beat of these AASide Anime Cover Songs!

Ever wondered how your favorite series’ theme songs would sound like if the boys from AASide were to sing it? Well, you’re definitely in luck because we have created a special list of AASide Anime cover songs that you can totally jam to! We’ve listed down a few must-play renditions of Anime series theme songs brought to you by Argonavis, Gyroxia, Fantome Iris, Fujin RIZING!, and εpsilonΦ. Let’s check it out!

The WORLD - Death Note (2007)

First up on our list of AASide Anime cover songs hits different with its visual kei flair that was perfectly captured by Fantome Iris. The WORLD, originally sung by Nightmare, was the OP theme for Death Note series. The unique visual kei vocals and the dark vibes are some of the things that make this song so special. Thrown in a band of mysterious vampires and you’ll have the most memorable banquet of darkness with the grim reapers.

Golden Time Lover - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

Next up is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s Golden Time Lover that was brought to you by Fujin RIZING! It became the opening of the series’ final arc and marks the start of the war we’ve all been waiting for. Contrary to the band’s cheerful image, the song’s vibe is quite gloomy. But that’s what makes this track on our list of AASide Anime cover songs stand out because it brought out another side of Fujin RIZING! we never knew existed.

Enigmatic Feeling - PSYCHO PASS 2nd Season (2015)

This entry of our list of AASide Anime cover songs is none other than our personal favorite, εpsilonΦ version of Enigmatic Feeling. It was used as the OP theme of Psycho-Pass’s sequel. The original performer, Ling Tosite Sigure, was known for their alternative-rock music and high-pitched vocals. But that’s exactly why this song became the perfect choice for εpsilonΦ, after all who can match TK’s notorious high pitch if not Shu?

Kyouran Hey Kids!! - Noragami Aragoto (2015)

If we’re talking about J-rock tracks on our list of AASide Anime cover songs, Gyroxia and their version of Kyouran Hey Kids!! Will have to come up for sure. Originally sung by THE ORAL CIGARETTES for Noragami Aragoto’s OP theme, the song was known for its guitar solo and fast drums that’ll get you hyped up. Combine that with Nayuta’s vocal and this Anime cover song becomes the perfect track to jam with!

Kuchizuke Diamond - Yamada-kun to 7-nin Majo (2016)

The last entry on our list of AASide Anime cover songs is Argonavis’s rendition of Kuchizuke Diamond. The track was used as the OP theme for Yamada-kun to 7-nin Majou back in 2015. The song was known for its piano highlight and addictive drums that will keep your feet tapping for sure. With a little bit of their own flair of guitar and piano improvisation, Argonavis managed to bewitch us with this song!

That’s it for our list of AASide Anime cover songs! So what do you think about it? Do you prefer the original version or the cover version? Whatever your choice is, don’t forget to top up your iTunes balance now at JapanCodeSupply.com and get them now on your AASide rhythm game or better yet, straight to your iTunes!