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Hololive English is Here to Conquer!

Sep 21, 2020

To all non-Japanese Hololive fans, your wish has been fulfilled as Hololive English is finally here! Hololive English announced all their members simultaneously, both on hololive twitter and and hololive YouTube’s channel. Without further ado, let’s welcome these new Hololive English girls!

Mori Calliope

The first one to debut on Hololive English, The Rapper Reaper, Mori Calliope! Mori Calliope is a Reaper in training with the Grim Reaper himself as her master. She likes Japan rap so much she’s debuting a rap song on her first stream. The Reaper in training hates cantaloupe, but unfortunately it’s also one of her nicknames.

Ninomae Ina’nis

Despite her looks, Ina’nis is a human. She IS a human who is able to control tentacles because of a strange book she found. Her goals are drawing every hololive member since she’s good at drawing. She also wanted to get better at Japanese, singing, and making friends. She hopes that once she gets more friends, she can make tons of collaborations. She said in her stream that she hates being bored so let’s have fun together with her!

Watson Amelia

Look who do we have here! It’s Watson Amelia! Starting her stream with a british accent, she catches the heart of her fans early in the game. Her fanbase is officially called "Teammates".
Her goals are reaching 100,000 subscribers (which she achieved during her debut stream). On her streams, Amelia likes to play FPS games like Valorant and Apex Legends, and of course Puzzle games since she’s a detective. Watson is not an ordinary detective since she came from the future using her watch!

Takanashi Kiara

A phoenix who reborn every few centuries, Takanashi Kiara! Takanashi Kiara was described by Watson Amelia, a fellow hololive English member, as having "positive attitude and lovely voice". Kiara insists that fast food is healthy; chicken in particular is very healthy. She claims to eat 53 pieces of chicken per day. Her birthday, July 6th, is National Fried Chicken Day in the United States.

Gawr Gura

Shaaaaaaa, a shark has ascended into the land of humans! Is she here to devour the human race? Hopefully not since she claims humans don't taste good, so viewers don't have to worry! Gura comes from Atlantis. At first Gura claimed to be 9361 years old, then forgot that number and went with 9927, she said that after 5000 years old the age starts to blurry. During her debut, Gura misspelled multiple words: salmon as salman, stomach as stomak, Twitter as Tiwtter and Twister as tiwster.

There you go! You can head directly to their channel and support them by clicking on the video. What do you think about the new girls of Hololive English? Let us know down on the comment below!