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Gifts and Lost Items on Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Sep 05, 2019

In the new series Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will play as a new professor at the Officer’s Academy, you’ll need to learn about the proficiency level, main abilities, learnable skills, and seals for classes but beside of that serious gameplay, you also will give gifts and lost items. The giftable items can be received in many ways, such as finding throughout the monastery or receiving them as mission rewards or even buy it!

Meanwhile, you could find lost items starting from chapter three scattered all over the monastery by taking on a quest from Jeralt while exploring the Monastery, to find his flask that he's lost somewhere on the Second Floor. Once returned, you'll be able to give back Lost Items to other characters. After getting gifts and lost items, You might be wondering what is the usability of these?/p>


The most challenging thing is not getting the gifts, but deciding who to give it. You have to gather each character’s likes and dislikes information (from unit info & by paying attention to their conversation) then decide who would be perfect to get a particular item. The majority of it will increase a character’s bond by a little and their motivation by 25. However if the character loves the items you give, it can be doubled.

If the character doesn’t like the gift, it won’t affect their bond or motivation at all. Note that in this game certain presents can be bought from the merchant after completing an early side quest that allows merchant passage through Magdred Way to reach the Monastery to sell their goods. You can also give flowers as gifts and that would work exactly the same way, except these can never be purchased. You can only collect flowers by planting them at the monastery greenhouse and then subsequently harvesting them by next week.

Lost Item

The lost items dotted all throughout the castle and the blue glow they emit makes them pretty easy to spot, and it’s up to you to reunite them with their owners. Every item will have a vague description of who it might belong to, which can be very confusing, especially when it comes to identifying students that aren't in your class.

Like the gifts, you can only return Lost Items to the house leaders and their bodyguard/retainer figure if you're in their house. Each month, Lost Items will appear in the areas people were standing the month prior. If you find a Lost Item in the Training Grounds, for example, think back to who was hanging out there when you explored the monastery last month and use that to guide you to the owner. 

These are what we know so far about the gifts and lost items on Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Don’t miss these activities as it gives great impact on other character’s affection with you! To feel the best gaming experience, get the Japanese Nintendo Prepaid Cards on our website!