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Get Your Mic and Sing Along These 4 Kpop Songs in Anime

Mar 10, 2021

Annyeong chingu-ya!! We’re here to give you a fun reading material today. Especially for you Kpopers out there! Did you know that some of your favorite Anime openings were sung by Kpop artists? It must be amazing watching your favorite Anime with songs sung by your bias. Alright, without further ado, let’s take a look at these 4 amazing Kpop songs in Anime.

Black Clover - Everlasting Shine (TXT)

Get Your Mic and Sing Along These 4 Kpop Songs in Anime

You might have heard of this song on TikTok or Instagram. Everlasting shine is made solely for Black Clover. Just so you know, this is the first TXT original Kpop song in Anime. The lyric of the music is in line with the theme of Black Clover itself. It tells the listener not to give up just like Asta who always pursues his dream of becoming the magic emperor regardless of the obstacles that may stand in his way. You will be happy after listening to this song as it will push you to keep moving on until you shine like a diamond.

Tower of God - TOP (Stray Kids)

If you wanna hear a Kpop song in Anime that keeps your spirit up all day, then listening to TOP - Stray Kids might be a good idea. This song can make the listeners' heart beat fast with its powerful melodies and lyrics. The song sends a message to never look back and keep moving forward until you reach the top. You can listen to this song on the opening of  “Tower of God” in different versions (Japanese, English, and Korean). We highly recommend you to listen to this song as it stimulates your inner spirit and changes your mood by hearing its fast tempo.

Fairy Tail - Masayume Chasing (BoA) 

Get Your Mic and Sing Along These 4 Kpop Songs in Anime

The queen of Kpop, BoA, has been known for her successful career in the entertainment industry. She has released tons of songs ever since she debuted, in which some of them are K-Pop songs in Anime. After a long hiatus, Fairy Tail collaborated with BoA for its first opening, Masayume Chasing, and it turns out to be a bombastic song. It seems that the song is addressed to relieve the frustration of some fans who have waited a long time for Fairy Tail to continue. Masayume Chasing delivers a cheerful melody that will immerse the listener in the joy of the song. So, have you tried listening to this song? or maybe you’ve added the song in your Spotify playlist seeing how fanatic you are.

One Piece - Share the World (TVXQ)

Get Your Mic and Sing Along These 4 Kpop Songs in Anime

One Piece once had an opening that was sung by a Kpop group, TVXQ.  At that time, the song was incredibly popular as it was sung right after the 10th Anniversary of One Piece. The opening also delivers the complete introduction of every straw hat pirate crew.  This was also the first time One Piece showcases the members' names in an opening sequence. The song is considered as one of the most successful Kpop songs in Anime since the single sits at the top of Oricon charts and sold around 58,000 copies on the first day.

Is there any one of your favorite Kpop groups on the list above? If you have any Kpop singers that also fill the soundtrack on Anime, please share in the comment below.