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Get Spooked with these Survival Horror Games for Halloween!

Oct 20, 2020

Halloween is coming and we’ve got something in mind that can give you gamers that extra chill for the spookiest night of the year! From Japanese folklore, zombies, and crazy kids with scissors; we’ve listed down some of the most popular survival horror games that leave you feeling haunted all day long. Without further ado, here’s our list of survival horror games for Halloween!

WARNING: You might need some kitten therapy after playing these games, don’t forget to open one on your screen in case you need to switch!

Resident Evil (PlayStation, Nintendo, PC)

What better way to spend your Halloween gaming other than being chased around by zombies? Find the safe haven and take down the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil! This franchise is hailed as one of the best survival horror games with its combination of chilling atmosphere, jump scares, and action. Goodluck playing Resident Evil 7 without throwing your joystick!

Silent Hill (PlayStation, PC)

Prepare for a night of terror as this survival horror game for Halloween takes you to the mysterious town of Silent Hill! Fogs, satanic cult, pyramid heads, and the search for someone dear to you becomes the perfect combination for a spooky gory adventure in this franchise. Do you think you can survive the night?

Fatal Frame (PlayStation, Nintendo)

Your dark past and present demons come haunting back in this survival horror game for Halloween! Fatal Frame will take you to haunting locations in a different dimension with horrible secrets that are somehow connected to you. Your mission: solve the mystery and fight tormented ghosts with your trusty camera obscura. As the threat of a curse is looming, you must find a way to survive.

Siren (PlayStation)

In this survival horror game for Halloween, you’ll get the combination of zombies and fanatic cult hunting you down. Trapped in a cursed island due to a failed ritual, you must survive hordes of undead people hell-bent on turning you into one of their sacrifices. Watch out for the red water and look out for sirens!

Corpse Party (PlayStation, iOS, Android, Nintendo, PC)

Corpse Party proves that telling ghost stories after school can take a dark turn. Now trapped in an abandoned school on another dimension, they must reunite and escape in this survival horror game for Halloween. But beware! The place is filled with ghosts of trapped children and a girl in red is hunting them. Psst, Corpse Party is coming to Nintendo Switch this 2020!

Clock Tower (PlayStation, PC)

What was supposed to be a happy day for the orphans in the Clock Tower franchise becomes a terrorizing one in this survival horror game for Halloween. Discover the dark secret of the Barrows family who adopted them and fight for your life to escape their manor. Don’t forget to look behind, ‘cause the Scissorman may be stalking you!

So are you ready to spend the spookiest night of the year with our list of survival horror game for Halloween? Let us know in the comments which one is scary enough to make you jump out of your seats! Prepare your heart, get extra protection for your joystick, and don’t forget to check your back when you go for a potty break~