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One Punch Man 2 Released Date Confirmed!

time Mar 12 , 2019 by Sarah W PC_blog 0

The first season of One Punch Man was released on December 4th, 2015. The story tells about Saitama, a man who unintentionally becomes a powerful hero. Becoming a hero is not his initial purpose, he just did it for fun. For three years, he has been doing “special training” which helps him to get stronger even his mightiest opponent admits he’s super powerful, no one can ever knock him down, that is why he is able to kill or crush anything in single punch. Amazing!

On third episode of season one he explains his special training sessions are squatting, running and push up for one hundred times of each. He did one hundred squatting, running and push up every single day for three years. However, when he reveals his secrets to his opponents, they don’t even believe it. He even suggests them to eat only two bananas a day, to turn off heater in the winter and air conditioner in the summer. But again, no one believes. His training seems ordinary, nothing special but it is really his secret to gain more strength.

Finally, Bandai Namco published a trailer of second season One Punch Man on Youtube channel. A new release of One Punch Man will be aired on April, 2nd. Based on the trailer of the second season, the story will be rolling around the characters of knocking down Garou as in the first season ending. In the second season, Garou will attempt to avoid conflict with Saitama, what is his reason? Is there finally someone could knock down Saitama? Find it this April!

Check out the second season of One Punch Man’s official trailer from Bandai Namco below!

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