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Final Fantasy 16, a New Final Fantasy Game With Bloody Vengeance

Nov 18, 2020

What comes up in your mind when you read the title? This is so unexpected as there was no sign from Square Enix that Final Fantasy 16 will be coming in the past 4 years. If you’re curious what the game will be, let’s get to know more of this new Playstation 5 game.

Looking at the recent trailer of new Playstation 5 games, we can get the idea that Final Fantasy 16 is still connected to crystals, summons, and heroes that call themselves “Warrior of Light”. So far there is no information about if the protagonist will be a “Warrior of Light” like most of the previous Final Fantasy characters. Yet the chances of this “Warrior of Light” to appear are very few as somehow the story is more towards vengeance rather than protecting someone.

Final Fantasy 16, a New Final Fantasy Game With Bloody Vengeance

The story of Final Fantasy 16 begins with the world known as Valisthea being described with people who are blessed with magic. This new world has known a long peaceful history as the mother crystal provides humans with Aether that allows people to conjure magicks. Many regions have received much benefits from the blessing. However, this blessing doesn’t last forever. The spread of Blight has made the peace falters and each region are in the verge of collapse

In this situation, what kind of final fantasy characters will appear in this series?
After seeing the trailer, you can guess what the characters look like. Well, Let’s take a look at them.

Final Fantasy 16, a New Final Fantasy Game With Bloody Vengeance

First is the main protagonist of this Final Fantasy character, Clive Rosfield. He’s the best swordsman of his kingdom who swore to protect his younger brother with his life. Seems like some tragic events set him to walk on a dangerous path of revenge. Next is Clive’s younger brother, Joshua Rosfield. He was awakened as a vessel of Phoenix since he was born. Joshua was admired as the strength of the Eikon resides within him. And the last character we know so far is Jill Warrick. Not much description about her but she is the part of Rosfield household and the trusted confidant of the brothers.

Final Fantasy 16 will probably give you a different vibe, especially the platform they will choose to land this project is Playstation 5. As you can see in the recent trailer, it looks like Clive has 2 appearances. Which means, we will play as the young and old Clive based on the set of timeline. It’s a bit shocking since there’s pretty much transformation from the warm Clive to the vengeful Clive. All of this has explained that Final Fantasy 16 will have a depth storyline.

So far, there is not much information about when the released date of Final Fantasy 16, but we personally think that this game will give an unmatched experience as it will be played on Playstation 5. Y’all can see just from the trailer, the team must have put so much hearts and souls into this game. However, it might take some time before Final Fantasy 16 gets into your hand. So keep your eyes on for more information about this!