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Code Geass Watch Order for Your Revenge in Genesic Re;CODE!

After 15 years of its release, Code Geass is gearing up for a new adventure in their upcoming RPG, Genesic Re;CODE! This time, players will be able to plan their own revenge story. However, some of you might need a little help to jolt your memories of the important events, yet not quite sure where to start as we now have an alternate timeline. Lucky for you, we’ve developed a faster way to help you plan with our Code Geass watch order for exacting your revenge in Genesic Re;CODE!


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I — Initiation

Entry number one in our list of Code Geass watch order introduces us to the early stages of the story. It all started with Lelouch vi Britannia’s banishment from the Holy Empire of Britannia up to Suzaku’s rise to knighthood. This one is a must-watch If you’re planning to get the perfect revenge before the Genesic Re;CODE release as it started the alternate timeline apart from the original series!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion II — Transgression

Our next entry in Code Geass watch order list is Lelouch of the Rebellion II — Transgression. It opens with the rise and fall of Black Knight and Zero’s military power, Lelouch’s return after losing memories, and ends with his offer to Suzaku to end the war. Some events might differ from the original series, so keep an eye for changes to make a foolproof revenge story for Genesic Re;CODE!

Code Geass : Akito the Exiled

After Zero’s seemingly ‘defeated’, the stage shifts to European Union and introduces us to a new protagonist in this entry of Code Geass watch order. Meet Hyuga Akito, a young Japanese Lieutenant with a dark past who is fighting at the frontline opposing Britannia. Akito the Exiled becomes a breath of fresh air as it has a separate revenge story from Lelouch’s in Genesic Re;CODE.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion III — Glorification

This next entry of Code Geass watch order sets the final curtain of Lelouch’s revenge on the Holy Britannian Empire. It recaps how he slowly loses his subordinates' trust with Nunally’s betrayal as the final blow. The story comes to an end after the successful Zero Requiem. However, world peace comes with a price: Lelouch’s death and Suzaku becoming Zero forever. Genesic Re;CODE is a sequel to the story, so knowing the ending is very essential!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection

The last one on our Code Geass watch order confirms Lelouch’s fate after his ‘death’. As the title suggests, he returns for one last battle before taking off with C.C. and enjoying his new life as L.L.. Lelouch’s survival is one fact you have to keep in mind to prepare for the Genesic Re;CODE release and the series’s future. Who knows, maybe he’ll be back to help?

That’s it for our list! We hope you can enjoy going down the memory lane with our Code Geass watch order and develop strategies for Genesic Re;CODE release. And here’s a little tip: the Anime series is getting a new addition called Z of the Recapture~

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