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Can’t Unlock the Routes? Watch These Otome Game Anime Instead!

Oct 07, 2020

Have you ever wanted to play an otoge story so bad but can’t unlock the routes? From financial reasons to not having any motivation nor time to play, we’ve got the right solution for you with our list of otome game Anime! We’ve listed down a bunch of titles to accommodate everyone’s unique preferences! So here is our list of otome game Anime to watch!

Code Realize: Sousei no Himegimi (2017)

Get your heart stolen, figuratively and literally, by the devilishly handsome thief, Lupin, and his band of misfits! In this otome game Anime, be the heroine and discover the secret of the eternally beating heart inside of you. But there’s a catch, anything you touched will be destroyed!

Norn9: Norn+Nonet (2016)

In this otome game Anime, are you ready to board the airship Norn and join the ability users? Become one of the three girls on board and pursue a supernatural romantic adventure while sailing towards your final destination, the World. Better watch out, there’s an ‘impostor’ on the ship! ;)

Brother’s Conflict (2013)

Welcome to the Sunrise Residence! Here you will live with your 13 step-brothers, but with them definitely not seeing you as ‘just’ their sister. Can you get your own happy ending or will you choose one of the brothers? A scandalous rom-com otome game Anime coming your way!

Diabolik Lovers (2013)

Life just turned upside down for this otome game Anime heroine when she arrived at the house of the vampiric Sakamaki brothers. While not knowing what’s in store, you’ll have to navigate the night to discover why you were sent there. Either that or will you fall into madness?

Arcana Famiglia (2012)

In this otome game Anime, join the world of mafia, superpower, romance, and.. tarots?! The battle for your hand in marriage and the clan head position is at stake! Will you surrender your heart or fight for your own freedom?

Uta no Prince-sama (2011)

As an aspiring composer, you’re looking for the perfect voice to your songs. What better way to find them other than joining a school for idols? Well, in this otome game Anime you get 7 boys who line up to be your singer and the owner of your heart!

Neo Angelique Abyss (2008)

In this fantasy otome game Anime, the heroine becomes a saving grace against forces of evil. With the help of your knights in shining armour, saving the world by eradicating monsters and finding your true love makes the journey all the more fulfilling!

La Corda d’Oro ~Primo Passo~ (2006)

Strict school and highly competitive musical concours is the harsh environment of this otome game Anime. But armed with a magical violin, our heroine managed to prove that falling in love is possible if you found the person who brings out the music in you.

So are you ready to fulfil your heroine fantasy with our list of otome games Anime to watch? Let us know in the comments below which one you’d like to watch first or have finished. Get your tissues and popcorn (for crying and squealing) ready, and start binging on these otome games anime guilt-free!