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Best and Worst Mega Man Weapons of All Time

Feb 14, 2021

Have you ever felt that conquering the stage in Mega Man was too easy because it seems like you’re overpowered? While other times defeating a single enemy was a total pain in the ass? All of these must be determined by how you choose the weapon. As weapons are very important, you have to know which are the best and the worst Mega Man weapons in the series.

First, let’s start with the best Mega Man weapons in the series!

Tundra Storm

You can’t deny the fact this weapon is unarguably one of the best Mega Man weapons in the series. This weapon creates a Tornado that attacks in a full screen. If you combine Tundra Storm with a power gear, you'll be pretty much invincible!

Blazing Torch

The Blazing Torch shoots a fireball upwards a short distance at a 50 degree angle, before going downwards at a 45 degree angle, evoking the image of a meteor falling from the sky. This is one of the best Mega Man weapons you can use at the game as it destroys your enemies in large numbers, but you need to aim accurately or you just wasted a lot of energy.

Acid Barrier

Acid Barrier is considered to be one of the best Mega Man weapons as it allows you to attack while defending yourself. You even can move around freely and shoot some acid shots to your enemies in shield mode. Using this weapon leaves you untouchable in a short period of time

Where there is the best, there is the worst, we hope you don't use these worst Mega Man weapons when playing because they are less useful.

Super Arm

We bet you don’t want to use this as the ability of this weapon is only to lift objects like a Superman and throw those objects right on the enemies. However, the object which can be lifted is limited. Sometimes Super Arm can’t lift certain blocks which makes this the worst Mega Man weapon ever.

Water Balloon

Although Mega Man is a child game, it doesn’t mean you have to finish the game in a child way. You can guess what this weapon can do. It shoots some water balls like a kid throwing a water balloon to prank his friends on their birthday parties. Our question is why do you even bother to use this when you have a Mega buster as your default weapon and can even damage more than this kid’s tool? No wonder this weapon is also on the list of worst Mega Man weapons ever.

Top Spin

This weapon is quite unreliable and risky. Rather than shooting a laser or a blast, you throw yourself at the enemies like a dancing Barbie and hope the Mega Man land on top of them. Not to mention the damage output and energy cost, you will just put yourself in a great danger. In terms of effectiveness and efficiency, it is the worst Mega Man weapon that you ever see.

So that’s how about the best Mega Man weapon (and the worst as well :)), and the choice is yours. There is no problem at all whether you want to consider our list or not. These recommendations are only for your reference, you can try what's on the list if you think it's fit for your game. We hope you enjoy and have a good game!