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Become the Rising Star in Idoly Pride Mobile Game!

You’ve watched the anime, now it’s time for the Idoly Pride mobile game! After releasing an Anime series back in January 2021, the multimedia project is back for more adventure with their latest game. This time, we’ll be able to join the girls for their journey and help them reach the goal. For you soon-to-be managers, we have created the perfect story and character guide for your Idoly Pride mobile game adventure!


Idoly Pride mobile game’s story starts out with the same plot like the one we’ve seen in the Anime. It started out with a small entertainment company named Hoshimi Productions who managed to produce one of the best idols in the industry, Nagase Mana. Sadly, the star got into an accident on her way to the NEXUS Grand Prix finals and died during the operation.

Idoly Pride Mobile Game

A few years later, we’re introduced to Nagase Kotono who wanted to be a top idol just like her late sister. In another place, we meet Kawasaki Sakura, a girl with the same singing voice as Mana who wanted to become an idol as well. The opportunity came when Hoshimi Production opened an audition to search for their next representative in NEXUS Grand Prix. Other idol groups who were competing against Mana have also decided to come forward to join the competition for the top idol title. This is where the main stage of the Idoly Pride mobile game begins.

Idoly Pride Mobile Game
Idoly Pride Mobile Game

Ten girls will be chosen from the audition and they will be taken to a dormitory to begin their training and will later be selected to represent Hoshimi Production in the NEXUS Grand Prix. This is where the players come in as the girls’ manager who helps with their journey to become stars. Here we’ll also get an exclusive never before seen behind the scenes from a different point of view. So expect more drama, tears, and watch as the characters of Idoly Pride mobile game went on a self-discovery journey to become the best of the best.


Throughout the Idoly Pride mobile game, we’ll meet all the characters you’ve seen on the Anime series and get to interact with them in their daily activities.

Tsuki no Tempest

Meet the first half of the 10 girls who passed Hoshimi Production’s audition to become their next star, the cool Tsuki no Tempest. The unit consists of Narumiya Suzu, Hayasaka Mei, Nagase Kotono (Leader), Ibuki Nagisa, and Shiraishi Saki.

Sunny Peace

Next, the other half of Hoshimi Production’s trainee with a more cheerful and fun stage persona, Sunny Peace. The group consists of Shiraishi Chisa, Ichinose Rei, Saeki Haruko, Kawasaki Sakura, and Hyodo Shizuku.


Third, the three geniuses who want to surpass Nagase Mana’s act are known as TRINITYAiLE. It consists of Kyoto-born Suzumura Yu, the absolute talent Tendo Rui (leader), and the ex-child star Okuyama Sumire.


The last group introduced is Nagase Mana’s eternal rival, the night bloom LizNoir. The unit consists of their cool centers, Igawa Aoi and Kanzaki Rio, the unique Komiyama Ai, and their energy-booster leader, Akazaki Kokoro.

So, are you ready to become the manager in the Idoly Pride mobile game? We sure hope our guide can help you take one step closer to helping these girls reach their goals! And if you need extra credits to scout the best idol for your idol dream team, is giving out a treat with discount code 3OFF to get $3 off for your purchase above $50~