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Awaken your Newtype Power by Riding the Unicorn Brothers

May 07, 2021

If you watched Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and Narrative, you may have noticed that there are quite a lot of weird things happening in the movie. If this is your first rodeo with the Gundam franchise, the plot might be kind of confusing. Worry not as we’re here to explain it a bit for you so you can understand the OVA better. But before we explain it, we need you to keep in mind that beside telling a story of space war, Gundam is also a story about the evolution of human beings. There will be a lot of things that did not make sense since we’re talking about the next stage of human being here. The concept of the next stage of human evolution or so called ‘Newtype’ is a human where they can understand each other without talking, they can also exhibit another power like heightened sense and increased reflex. The power of the Newtype can be empowered even further by piloting a mobile suit equipped with a psycho-frame. So, without further ado, here’s the power that a Newtype can awaken by riding the Unicorn Brothers!



NT-D System or Newtype Destroyer was created with the specific purpose of combating enemy Newtype pilots. The NT-D would automatically activate in the presence of a Newtype with no regard to whether it's a Cyber Newtype or not. So basically NT-D is a limited burst of power for 5 minute where you can command the mobile suit directly with your brain. The 5 minute timer is to make sure the pilot will not die of fatigue. Controlling a 21 meter tall mobile suit completely through their own brain is very taxing for normal people. Ironically, even though the system was built to eliminate Newtypes, a Newtype is still required to be the pilot.


Take Control of the Enemies Funnel or Bits

The NT-D System was also designed to combat Newtype mobile suits equipped with funnels. The system can take control of an enemy's funnel/bit units and use them against the pilot.

In Narrative, it even shows that Jona Basta piloting the Narrative Gundam with the NT-D can take control of the Neo Zeong II. This probably happens due to Jona being a stronger Newtype than Zoltan.


Time Travel

During the final battle, Banagher and Full Frontal experience a time travel journey together through the Universal Century. The theory of time travel is further strengthened by the Neo Zeong itself which said that it was built by Full Frontal while possessed by the ghost of Char. Rita Bernal also said that Neo Zeong is a machine that does not belong to this world.


Machine Degeneration Wave

After the final battle, it is shown that Unicorn can emit a wave that disables all the weapons and mobile suits. The Federation researched the phenomenon and found that the weapon and mobile suits were not disabled but returned to the time before it was assembled.


Merging Soul With a Mobile Suit

During a mission, Phenex becomes uncontrollable and goes missing for a year and a half. It is not explained further in the movie the Phenex could go without refueling for that long. The last known pilot of the Phenex is Rita Bernal, but it looks like the pilot itself merges with the mobile suit and becomes one.


And that’s it! It’s pretty hard to digest the Newtype phenomenon, but with this explanation we hope you can enjoy the franchise without looking down at the more “magical’ side of Gundam. After all, Mobile Suit Gundam is a story about space war and the evolution of humanity.